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Alex Ausman, Nollywood’s Most Sought-After Post Production Video Editor

The Nollywood industry has some of the best productions across Africa and beyond. This is the third largest film industry in the World (behind Hollywood and Bollywood). When you mention Nollywood anywhere in the World people know what you are talking about immediately. They recognize the actors and actresses with ease. This is why such names as Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Ramsey Noah, Adesua Etomi and Mercy Johnson, are among big names in the industry that project Nollywood positively across the globe.

One thing people might not immediately realize is that there are brains behind the production of those Nollywood movies which get them to the high quality applauded by the audience. Most viewers easily applaud the actors but forget that without the creative input of key production crew members whatever the actors do will never come out good. Among such key production crew members are camera people, film editors, producers and directors.

One of Nollywood’s best hands in film editing and photographic work is Alex Ausman. His name might not sound familiar to you but his movies are household names among Nollywood fateful in Nigeria and abroad. Checkout these movies – . Superstar, Ravages, Attitude, The last game, City girl, Friend zone, Truthful lies, Devil in red, St Mary, I have no husband, The professional Neighbour, Unseen chains, Rock bottom, What a woman’s want, Internet sex, Dangerous secret, . Situation, Spellbound, The don, Take a stand. The essence of listing out these titles is to wow you. There is no way you won’t be familiar with a number of these movies. It’s either you’ve watched them on YouTube, Cinema or DVD. You probably can recall the names of key actors in some of these movies familiar to you. But what you might not know is that Ausman is behind the quality of these movies either as Director of Photography (DOP), film editor, producer or director.

Ausman is not the noisy type. His productions speak for him. He has done numerous movies a number of which are big screen movies. But because he is very unassuming his name might not ring a bell to you immediately. The fact remains that quiet achievers like Ausman are behind the success of Nollywood industry today. This exceptional film maker is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ausman Media, specializing on video post productions.


Ausman has established himself as a post-production editor and DOP with a flair for creating top quality movies likely to resonate with the film audience in Nigeria and abroad. This is why he is among the most sought-after film-editors in Nigeria. He is an inspiration to younger filmmakers.

His Ausman Media video production outfit is well equipped with material and human resources that leave top Nollywood producers and film makers always scrambling for him to handle their jobs. Make no mistake, Ausman is the next best shot Nollywood will have as regards big screen film productions across the globe.


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  1. Don’t mention… Alex Ausman is a young wizard when it comes to gud pictures/grading..Try him you will not regret

  2. yes is born perfection expect more from him in view month

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