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Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya! Most successful ‘gate-crasher’ in the history of Kannywood

Imaging going to the foodstuff market around the corner to buy vegetables to prepare a delicious meal at home and a talent agent spots you along the way and feels the need to stop you and persuade you to join an international dance group or play a role in a movie because you just look like you’ve got the right qualities. Just like that, you quickly agree to give it a chance because you probably don’t mind the idea of becoming an entertainer of some sort. Suddenly that first attempt becomes hugely successful and you turn into a household name in the international entertainment industry. Wow! This sounds like what happens in the movies.

Most people probably don’t think this happens but it does all the time; just that single opportunity and you’re right there in the sky. Of course there are many examples in the Hollywood industry of famous actors with no experience who got their big break by being in the right place at the right time. A notable example is Mel Gibson (you can just browse this name for a few seconds) whose friend went to be auditioned for a role in the film Mad Max. Gibson was only keeping his friend company (he had nothing to do with the auditioning) when suddenly the Director George Miller spotted him in the background and liked his look. Gibson who did not even have any prior film experience did not just get a role in Mad Max, he got the lead part. You might not know Charlize Theron, who was just trying to get her last paycheck cashed at the bank and as she pleaded for help because she would have nowhere to sleep without the money, a talent agent by the corner noticed this woman whose appearance had all the qualities needed to fit into a role and today she is a millionaire actress.

Nigeria has a very prominent example of someone who you could described as a typical example of a hidden talent who got into the movie industry through the window only to be lifted high by fans and celebrated through the front door. That person is Aisha Aliyu, the most successful gate crasher in the Kannywood industry, Nigeria’s Hausa movie sector. Having seen her exceptional acting ability you would think that Aisha went to the most expensive acting school in the country. Not at all; She is a natural talent and the story of how she broke through in the acting industry sounds like a fairy tale and almost too impossible to believe.

Who is Aisha Aliyu?

Aisha Aliyu popular known as Aisha ‘Tsamiya’ Aliyu, is a talented Kannywood actress whose performances in the movie industry have made her a household name loved by many fans. Aisha was born in Nasarawa Local Government in Kano state in 1992. She got the name Tsamiya from a movie she acted, which was in fact her first movie and also first breakthrough that shot her to limelight as a spectacular actress.


Aisha studied at Giginyu Primary and Secondary School in Kano where she grew up. She also received higher education at Yusuf Maitama Sule University, formerly North-West University, Kano State.

Acting career

Aisha’s acting career is one that began like a fairy tale. Just from nowhere, she became a household name overnight for very positive reasons. You don’t usually have people becoming instant hit after their very first appearance in movies. Here’s what happened. It had to do with her very first film in the industry which was Tsamiya. It was produced by Habibu Yaro in 2011, and she got stuck to that title after putting up an impressive and memorable performance. The story of how Aisha ‘gate-crashed’ into the Kannywood industry is quite interesting. Her elder sister was scheduled to feature in the film but for one reason or the other she couldn’t make it. The producer, Habibu Yaro, spotted Aisha and felt this lady had the appearance of the character required to fit into that role. He took a big risk by giving Aisha a chance since she never had any prior acting experience. She did not only get a role in the movie, she played the lead role. That was how her story to the top of the industry began. Her performance in that first movie was very impressive and before you knew what was happening, she had started acting with mega stars in the industry. She became famous within a short appearance in the industry, something she said that she never thought she was possible. After featuring in Dakin Amarya, producers and fans of Kannywood began to rate her very high in the industry. She then began to appear in movies with the very best and biggest names in the industry such as Ali Nuhu, Halima Atete, Tanimu Akawo, and Al-ameen Buhari. That was when she realized that she had moved into the class of A-grade actors and actresses. The sky became her starting point. This boosted her morale and encouraged her to put in her best into role interpretation. She was so dedicated that she even sustained injuries and was hospitalized while playing a role in a movie.

Aisha believes two films contributed greatly in making her very popular and these films are Dankin Amarya and Haihuwa. If you’ve not watched these movies just make sure you do. They are both classics where Aisha put in immense passion in the roles she acted.

Among her numerous movies are Salma, Bahaushiya Da Kishiyar, Gida Dakin, Amarya Husna Jamila, Mai Dalilin Aure (Match Maker), and Makahon.

Social Activism and Philanthropy

Aisha is one of the few Kannywood actresses who use their personality for advocacy, social activism and charity work in the society. She also likes playing movie roles that project her social activism course. She often takes up roles that convey her position on social issues in the society. When you watch her in such movies as Ranar Baiko, Hanyar Kano, and Dakin Amarya, you will notice she was acting with passion, in an effort to properly convey social messages to the society. Aisha said her desire to excel in acting is inspired by her desire to help the less-privileged. She does not forget the less privileged in Kano where she grew up. That’s one good thing fans love about her. She often gives out food, clothing, and money to less privileged people in her area in Kano, especially, in the month of Ramadan. She believes that you shouldn’t wait until you are very wealthy before helping assisting the less privileged. She also has thousands of followers on Instagram followers.


Aisha has received recognitions for her great performances on the big screens. In 2014, she received the City People Entertainment Award for Best Actress of the Year. This was a huge recognition for someone who had barely stayed a few years in the industry.


Kannywood is really proud to have Aisha as one of their best hands. She sure knows how to be professionally dedicated to her acting career which is a good thing for the Kannywood brand which is having an increasing fan base both in Nigeria and beyond. Aisha is a role model and an inspiration to young girls in Nigeria, especially girls from Northern Nigeria who now believe they could strive to have a promising career in the movie industry and use it to better the society like Aisha in doing.




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