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Aisha Alhassan, most inspiring cosmetologist in Nigeria

In most societies across the world, the private sector drives the economy. This is often the case where small and medium scale businesses exist in large number. However, most entrepreneurs begin small and end up huge with consistency and determination. It is not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs who used the wealth they made from a transaction they did previously to build a thriving new startup, or about seasoned business owners who inherited a decades-old franchise and transformed it into something new. Such stories are also inspiring because it is not easy to manage and grow funds, whether from previous transactions or not. These stories are inspiring in their own way.

However, it is even more inspiring to hear about people who started with nothing. These are entrepreneurs who started their journey with no capital, no funding and sometimes no education or experience, yet despite the odds were still able to build massive successes. Their stories are exceptionally inspirational, especially when looking at the level of success they achieved in specific industry. One of them is Aisha Alhassan, one of the most successful Cosmetologists Entrepreneurs in Nigeria who has become a model to many young women in the country. Her story will activate the creative spirit in anyone that reads it. So who is Aisha Alhassan? How did she accomplish such unlikely feats, and what can anyone who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur in any African society learn from her?

Who is Aisha Alhassan?

Aisha Alhassan is a humble young Nigerian who has her eyes set on how to get to the top echelon of Nigeria’s business sector. She hails from Bida, Niger state and is married with a kid. In a recent interview with hkmonline magazine, Aisha said, “I am an innovator and entrepreneur with experience in business leadership and management principles as they pertain to development. I am excited to find a role where I can accomplish this goal and expand on my current skill set while also learning, growing and contributing to the Nation.”

Training people to make wealth

Aisha is a professional with 6 years experience in cosmetology. She also trains people to become wealth creators. She is a strategic thinker that possesses strong business acumen and has a good grasp of how to train people with skills that directly affect business growth. So Aisha is interested in giving people skills to create wealth, not just selling her products to the world. According to her, “I’ve trained many people and I’m very proud of my strengths in teaching new concepts and tools, communicating clearly with others, focusing on goals and outcomes and I’m always trying to build on them,” she told hkmonline magazine.

Business challenges

There’s no successful business without challenges. Aisha has faced a number of challenges on her way to the top but what you would want to read is how she was able to convert them to stepping stones to get to the top of her career in the entrepreneurship industry. Cash flow challenges, time management, capital, delegating tasks, marketing strategy, business growth, and criticism are among issues she came across while battling through to the top in competitive business environment. “I’m very self-aware of the things that I can improve on, which some would call ‘weaknesses’ and those would be proficiency with X tool or program giving feedback to colleagues multi-tasking under pressure. I’m actively working on this, though, and I’m always getting better,” she said. What you learn from her story is never to give up no matter the situation you are faced with.

Her product brands

Aisha is a top cosmetologist with brands that are among the most sought-after by Nigerians who love their skin. Among the products she has are Aisha body exfoliating scrub, Aisha half caste cream, Aisha lightening cream, Aisha half caste soap, Aisha lightening soap, Aisha herbal glowing soap, Aisha whitening body milk, and Aisha glowing oil.

Advantages of using Aisha brand of cosmetics

One major advantage Aisha’s product brands have above others in the market is the fact that they are natural, herbal products, not just safe for use but also best for the African skin. Herbal cosmetics products such as Aisha’s brands give protection from infections, heal skin damage, reduce sensitivity and reactions, help in ensuring more balanced hormones; they are also cancer-fighting properties, with less irritation on the skin. They have vitamins that nourish skin, have natural perfumes in quantity that is safe for the skin. Even when you see the packaging of Aisha’s products you would love to use them.

The natural fragrance of Aisha cosmetics make the people around a person using the perfume feel good, and gives that person a sense of inner well being. In fact, this is a very important factor in beauty and cosmetology – ability to give the user inner well-being. That is how Aisha brands make people who use cosmetics more attractive. This is also why her products are well sought-after in the market, especially among ladies who love great skin and looks.


Aisha is one of the very few influencers who are very valuable to the Nigerian business environment, especially in the area of motivating very young girls to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. She believes entrepreneurship is the basic way to develop the Nigerian economy. She says Nigerian government now appreciates the fact that entrepreneurship is a factor in the development of the nation’s economy. According to her, the fact is that the Nigerian government has “realized that the mechanism to development lies in the productive capabilities of entrepreneurship through creation of employment, achieving economic growth, adopting new technologies and innovation capabilities. The importance of entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized, as it is part of mechanism to propel the wheel of national development which leads to growth in the economy through the adoption of  modern technologies coupled with good  business ecology which result to  economics of scale and help to reduce  the rate of youth and women unemployment.” She further advices that “Government, federal government and Nigerians at large should focus more on entrepreneurship to employ Nigerians. They should not expect to sow tomatoes and reap yam. What your input is, in a business is what you must expect.”

Aisha is an accomplished entrepreneur with local brands that have international reckoning in terms of prospects. If you want to be successful, study someone who has achieved success and find out how they did it. You may not be able to make it in a few years but with perseverance you can build the next big thing. And that’s the story of Aisha Alhassan, one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in Nigeria and a role model to numerous young girls in the country.

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