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Airport Officials Share Photos Of Passenger’s Carry-on Bag Filled With Moulded Feces He Gives To Politicians He Doesn’t Like

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents in an Airport in Alaska were stunned on Monday to find a bag filled with poop which a passenger said he shared to politicians he didn’t like.

The TSA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States.

The agents initially suspected the carry-on bag after screening equipment showed ‘large organic mass’. When the bag was opened it was filled with stinking Moose dung.

TSA agents shared photos of a bizarre carry-on bag filled with moose dung that was screened at an Alaska airport earlier this month, reports Daily Mail Online.
The peculiar cargo was screened at Juneau International Airport on April 15.

Agents were first alerted to the traveler’s carry-on bag after screening equipment flagged a ‘large organic mass’, which sometimes can mean explosives.

But upon opening the case there was nothing explosive, except for the smell of the animal dung that reeked from the giant sack.
Though stinky and odd, TSA has no policies that prevent travelers from carrying animal feces and the bag was passed through without incident.

‘The TSA officers opened the bag, they saw the moose poop inside. And the passenger told the TSA officers that he collects this and likes to present it, “For politicians and their bleep policies,”‘ TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said to KTOO.

The sack of moose dung didn’t warrant an incident report, but TSA’s social media team did share it online, cracking jokes over the surprise cargo.

‘Mondays can really stink. After a weekend of relaxation, the first day back at work can be hard to deal with,’ TSA posted on Instagram.
‘Our team at Juneau International Airport (JNU) recently dealt with “nuggets” of a different variety when examining a passenger’s carry-on bag. Upon inspection, a large organic mass turned out to be a bag of moose nuggets (or feces, droppings, excrements, etc.) that the passenger was taking home from their Alaskan adventure,’ the post added.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

TSA urged travelers to check with airlines over their policies of carrying such stinky cargo, which can be bothersome to passengers.
There were reports of someone handing out baggies of moose dung nuggets on the steps of Anchorage’s capitol building that same day, protesting the proposed budget of Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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