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After Sex Tragedy! Two Prostitutes Stab Customer to Death Over Money

The Prostitutes (Pix credit: Thenationonline)

Two commercial sex workers have been arrested by the police in Ogun State for allegedly killing a customer for not paying agreed amount.

The incident which took place on Tuesday May 30, at KS Hotel, Ifo, was reportedly sparked off by a quarrel which ensued between the victim, Adeyinka Olayinka and the prostitutes, Kudirat Raji alias Angela and Esther Basiru when the victim refused to pay an agreed amount for an overnight job by the prostitutes. As the argument went on, the prostitutes were said to have stabbed Olayinka with a broken bottle during an argument.

Thenationonlineng reported that police has since arrested the two prostitutes.

Spokesman for the Ogun State Police command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, an Assistant Superintendent (ASP) said the victim contracted Raji for the night but the duo had an argument over the price.

According to Thenationonlinng, Oyeyemi said: “The victim was supervising an ongoing construction work on his property and so he spent the night at the hotel. He contracted Kudirat Raji to pass the night with him on an agreed amount but reneged on their agreement. His refusal to pay the agreed amount led to a hot argument between them. While the argument was going on, Esther Basiru, a friend to Angela broke a bottle and injured the deceased’s friend who was at the scene. Angela used the broken part of the bottle to stab the deceased on the armpit thereby cutting one of his nerves, consequent upon which he bled to death. The manager of the hotel alerted the police at Ifo and the DPO, CSP Anthony Haruna led his men to the scene and arrested the two suspects. The Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu has ordered the transfer of the case to Homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for discrete investigation and possible prosecution of the suspects.”

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View: Please what is your take on this story? This man that died was supervising a construction work. How can prostitutes kill him like this?

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  1. iloegbunam lynda oluchukwu

    On a second thought I did not blame the two ladies because definitely they earn their living through that job and the man wants to spoil show for them…. but reality they don’t suppose kill the man because killing the man won’t solve nor pay them the actual agreed amount rather it will make them to even spend the one they have…. is a matter of thinking twice before taking any action

  2. this is a very big tragedy. but how can someone not to pay you after rendering him services since you agreed on the amount, that serves him right for not paying them,but to the women how can they be so heartless to stab their fellow human being to death all of them are wrong. so they all need to be punished.

  3. The world is turning into something else.what the man did was wrong and what the ladies did was also wrong.if the man sleep on his own he would not have meet his death and since he refuse to pay the agreed money the ladies did what they think was right at that time in other to threaten him to pay but the reverse was now the case.

  4. Chisom Janefrances

    I agree with what Linda said killing the man won’t solve the matter.That’s why they said “pay before service”.

  5. Just because of ‘one per nyuu’ this young man wasted his life. I have always said this, a broke man shouldn’t have an erection. Assuming he had enough money, he would have no reason to argue for what I don’t know. The last time I checked, ’till day break’ was just #2,500. This is exactly why poor families birth over 10 children,bringing innocent souls into the world to suffer.

    As for the ladies that committed murder, they must not go unpunished. I have always known that women who can only offer sex are dumb. Stupid people.

  6. Agreement is an agreement. but killing him is not the remedy at all because after killing him did the money comes out? No. I pray for them to repent because is really a bad job. May the soul of the man rest on

  7. On a normal ground to sleep with prostitutes is not for free ,but is it must that the man have to sleep with them in a hotel just a night, now he lost his life ,no more enjoyment .men…..

  8. on what circumstances could you take prostitutes to a hotel without knowing that you will fulfill your promises…why then did you as a man agree to the amount in the first place all cos u wanna claim a wise man u lost your life so sorry dear but it’s indeed your fault and as for you girls I have nothing to say other than telling you guys to desist from evil deeds because you are to regret it thousand times if u dnt repent.

  9. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    How can one stab his fellow human being,. That’s inhuman behaviour and should be punished according to the law. Prostitution isn’t a business, and it isn’t service rending. As MTN about that. Say No to prostitution. They must face the law.

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