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We discussed elements of a print advert copy after which we did a quiz using the elements. We also discussed elements of a radio advert copy in class. I would like to know whether you can recall what we discussed in class during our lecture on radio advert copy writing.

Write a radio advert copy on an ice cream brand called Dopy Cream. Make sure you mention the elements you used in the advert, including sound effects.

Submit your answer as a response to this post. Deadline is 7pm on Wednesday, May 29.

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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Eneghalu grace ogochukwu

    Eneghalu Grace Ogechukwu

    Advert copy of Dopy cream

    Product: DOPY CREAM
    Play customized song themed yummy yummy ice cream under 5 seconds

    Characters play
    David:Ekene the weather is too hot I need something chilled
    Ekene: WHAT!! You mean you haven’t heard of DOPY CREAM…try it now you would love it
    David:okay let me try it
    SFX: makes sound in context of licking the ice cream
    David: WOW!!! This tastes great ,thanks for telling me about DOPY CREAM…

    Announcer: Are you feeling hot under their weather, Get your self the best ice cream to cool off after … Get DOPY CREAM and enjoy…..
    DOPY CREAM…..Refreshing and exotic

    Up sound for 5 secs and out.

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