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Advertising Creative Strategies And Tactics! Course Compact





2018/2019 Academic Session


Faculty: Social Sciences                                       Department: Mass Communication

Course Code: MAC 351                            Unit(s): 2             Semester: First

Course Title: Advertising Creative Strategies and Tactics

Lecturer: Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze              Programme: B. Sc.



This course discusses the principles, functions, and types of advertising with specific focus on creative strategies and tactics. It explains the basics of a creative strategy which is generally the outcome activities of the creative team. The course takes a look at operations of the creative team members – copywriters, an art director and a creative director – primarily focusing on how to develop and execute creative advert copies. Students will be taught how an advertising campaign meets the advertising objectives of a business through creative advert strategies and tactics. The basic objective of this course is to acquaint students with the theoretical foundations of creative strategies and tactics in advertising and familiarize them with the process of developing strategy and executing tactics.



By the end of this course, students will have learned:

  • Basic concepts associated with advertising creative strategies and tactics;
  • Theoretical foundations of advertising strategies and tactics;
  • Creative Copy writing and advert script production;
  • The process of developing advertising strategy;



  • Lectures
  • Indoor Quizzes
  • Outdoor Quizzes (Assignments)
  • Practical Classroom Sessions



  1. Course Introduction
  2. Advertising: A conceptual overview
  3. A review of advertising principles (Classifications/functions of Advertising)
  4. Advertising creative strategies: Understanding the basics
  5. Elements of creative strategies in Advertising
  6. Media of creative Advertising
  7. Creative Advertising appeals
  8. Writing a creative Advert copy: Print and Broadcast Advert copies
  9. The Advert Brief
  10. Class Activities


1. Basics of Advertising: Principles, Creative Strategies, Issues. By Chinenye Nwabueze. Owerri: Topshelve Publishers (2014).

2. Advertising: Principles and Practice (7th Edition) 7th Edition; By William D. Wells, Sandra Moriarty and John Burnett. New Jersey : Pearson Prentice Hall (2005).



  1. Difference Between Strategy and Tactics in Advertising

a. Advertising Tactics Versus Strategy

b. What is the difference between strategy and tactics




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