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Achalla Community Where Natural Love And Friendship Exist

At its core, love is intertwined with friendship and in this context, it is something that offers closure just like foeship suggests enmity, friendship offers love. Love helps because we all need someone to lean on. Love and friendship require devotion and commitment in assisting one another it requires helping one another.

Friendship is company, having someone to be with and basically be there for you,  when you love somebody, you want them to be happy, you want them to feel good, you want to see them grow, these two concepts require an indepth understanding of sacrifice because they require putting oneself last, they require giving, sharing and working together for the good of all when your purpose is to nurture another so they can have peace and Joy, you are a friend and that is love!!!!

Love, friendship, a beautiful thing that deep and warm feeling for a person, thing, that bond that exist between people while keeping them together…

Achalla a village in Anambra state where love and friendship is expressed even more, Parent to child, boys and girls, children, children and their pets, a lovely sight.  In Achalla, children are seen playing together, sharing with each other, laughing and crying together, parents and children sharing moment.

Love and friendship is that bond that keeps people together something that exist as a way of life among the people of Achalla.

Togetherness has been a part of them which gives them a sense of belonging, Children bathing each other,  carrying their young ones, feeding them, dancing with each other, playing and creating that bond that holds them together.

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Children of Achalla in their display of affection for each other, shows us that True love and friendship exist in the rural areas, a place where you let loose, appreciate nature in its fullness.

Even in the bush, the farmlands, pathway there is always a trace of Love and friendship with the Children of Achalla. The Children of Achalla in their innocence show us that children can genuinely be affectionate even in the face of poor development, they make living in the rural area fun, peaceful and worthwhile.

Achalla a village where love and friendship bonds them together.

(Additional reports by Chukwunonso Okonkwo, Teniola Egbuwalo, Ruth Ebulie and

Emmanulla Obi)

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