Tuesday , October 4 2022

ACCE in History! Meet the First Woman to become ACCE Continental President

The African Council for Communication Education (ACCE) was established in December 1976 as an association dedicated to promoting social change and development communication in Africa. The council primarily promotes communication research in African universities and encourages African scholars to use research findings in solving diverse problems in the continent.

The ACCE began as a powerful continental body but eventually faced challenges that weakened the continental outlook and today, it exists as ACCE, Nigeria. Before then, the council had had powerful presidents that took the body to great heights of international reckoning. Do you know that one of these past continental presidents is a woman? Let’s quickly meet her.

Mrs. Elizabeth Okwenje was one of the notable continental presidents of ACCE. Okwenje who hails from Uganda, was at that time, the Director of the Communications Unit of the All African Conference of Churches (AACC) based in Nairobi, Kenya. She was ACCE president sometime between 1978 to 1980; the exact tenure is not yet ascertained. The Communications Training Centre of AACC was one of the founding members of the ACCE. The AACC was part of the very first formative meeting of the ACCE held in Nairaobi, Kenya, in 1976. This was before the first academic conference of the council was later held in Ghana.

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