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Absurd! Presidential Aide says Politicians have engaged Marabouts, Soothsayers, Pastors, Bishops to pray for Buhari’s death

President Buhari

The Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, Sunday May 21, alleged that some notable Nigerians have travelled to Niger Republic and India among other countries to hire marabouts to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari’s death.

Onochie who disclosed this on her Facebook page, wrote: “There must be a reason why some members of the political elite in Nigeria do not want to see President Muhammadu Buhari in power. They rigged him out of elections in the past and now that Nigerians overpowered them with the support of the card reader, they want him dead. In 2015, when it was obvious the electorates had their eyes set on him, they scammed President Jonathan to postpone the election and to further empty the Nigerian treasury so they could ‘buy’ more electorates.

“But they knew Nigerians were not ready to be bought so they pocketed the campaign loot. Those who took part in the scamming of ex-President Jonathan, are being asked to cough up and the junkiest of them all, is cursing and swearing because he is being held accountable. Transition was a scam. Financial books were cooked. They tried to cover up their financial wickedness and recklessness against this nation. They hired some school dropouts, products of their 16 years of mis-governance across the nation, to try to disrupt the nation.And then they hired red, green, blue, and all shades of media outfits to unleash a coordinated attack on his government. Bravely, he soldiers on. They travelled as far as Niger Republic, India, etc. and in vain, they engaged the services of marabouts and soothsayers (mere men), to their own disappointments. Pastors and bishops (mere men), whose unholy services were engaged to pray for his death, resorted to attacking him once they have prayed and he did not die.”

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This may sound absurd but it is trending at the moment. It is on Onochie’s facebook page. This is a serious claim although Onochie did not mention the names of the politicians involved. Praying for another person’s death, let alone the President, is absurd. This is a serious claim that should be substantiated.







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  1. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    praying for someone else’s death is absurd… This country has turned something else

  2. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Praying for your presidents’ death!!! May God see us through in this country

  3. Considering the situation of things in the country many Nigerians worry less about this plot or even looking forward to it
    not minding the plans of this plotters or there intentions especially those hitted most by this economic downturn.

  4. udorji ozioma yvonne

    y will one love a president that has brought nothing but suffering to his people .(s4)

  5. Ndife uchechukwu lilian

    God do not answer such prayer. instead they should be praying for things to get better S11

  6. Irechukwu Ifeoma P.

    praying for his death will not solve the problem of economy in this country. S3

  7. Praying for someone’s death is seriously absurd. sometimes such prayers don’t work so all we have to do as a human being we are is to hope and trust in God for a better tomorrow.

  8. Jesu! 9ja.

  9. We all as nigerians we should ask for mercy from God and pray for the growth of the nation and not pointing accusing finger at öne another


    Why will one love a president that has brought nothing but suffering to his people.
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  11. Chidume happiness. C.

    God have mercy ooooo,

  12. I don’t blame those praying for Buhari’s death,the country is really not in good shape,am not saying its a good thing but when you put your self in their shoes you will understand more.

  13. For me i pray that Nigeria will shape it’s self

  14. praying for Buhari’s death is not the solution to Nigeria,shaping is.

  15. I believe no one is let’s trust in God. Am speechless

  16. Here we go again. Another bout of discouraging news. I can’t wait for Buhari’s regime to end. Maybe only then will we find peace and certainty.

    • Praying for the death of its own president, really absurd. Am sure they need someone to preach sense into them, for them to be aware God dosent answer such prayer. Instead his fire will be unleashed on them.

  17. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is actually absurd….a presido that hasn’t made any impeccable effort to put smiles on the faces.. it’s really a sad issue tho’

  18. Praying for his death won’t do us any good, the best thing to do is to pray he changes in to a good person and create a new Era for us that’s all
    Quiz number:18 Group number:15 A

  19. it is absurd to pray for your fellow individuals death and some people pray for the death of our presidents it wont work because the bible even discourage this.

  20. nwufo vivian Chidimma

    I don’t the president’s way of leading this country, thou I won’t pray for his death, but if he dies tomorrow who knows, things might be better oo . And sure there will be Biafra

  21. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    The problem is not praying for his death because people do say that is not who you wants dead that I don’t think that his death is the best. only the intervention of Christ that can save this nation .All we need now is change

  22. Nigeria and their ways

    This is very absurd!!!!
    May God see us through.

  23. i can’t blame Nigerian, the economy is bad and people are suffering but not to the extend of praying for the death of our president we should pray for the CHANGE he promise

  24. Omenuko Adaobi promise

    What a shame…our president has nothing to offer…

  25. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    we learn from peoples mistake…no one would ever pray for the death of a successful man..had it been he rule his followers without sentiments and preference we would pray for his health conditions….NIGERIA NEEDS REFORMATION..let’s stop keeping quiet

  26. thus is not right for a patoritic citizen we havr to be loyal to our country no matter what group 15

  27. we should always pray for ovr leaders to live not to die no matter how bad they are. group (8) quiz no (67)

  28. such odd news. I mean if at all anyone or any group of people should pray for the downfall of the president, it shouldn’t be them.

  29. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    We need some notable men of God from Nigeria to also engage in prayers for him. but let’s try the V.P, may be things might be better under him.

    Group 10, Quiz No:86.

  30. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    instead of us to be praying for God’s intervention in our country, some people are busy praying for our president to die.God help us.

  31. this is so unbelievable, when will we start having good stories. praying for someone’s death is not encouraging at all

  32. This is really absurd and unheard of what is this nation turning into? I cant imagine that this rubbish can actually happen.
    Group :10

  33. Although I can’t wait for Buhari’s regime to end,I can’t pray for his death,
    quiz no:94,group no:6)

  34. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    Another intriguing story.,anyway since it’s visible that he can no longer rule his people he should do the right thing by stepping down.
    Group number :15 Quiz number :20

  35. Its not only d politicians that are praying for Buhari’s death, citizens of this state too seek for his death….in march when the president was missing n claimed dead, many individuals rejoiced on hearing the news

  36. only God knows when he will die,stop using such word”death”on him, Only God gives life and takes life,no matter how bad our president is, leave him,for God to take intervention upon his life

  37. Nnanyelugo karen

    Buhari has shown much attributes of being incapacitated towards his obligations and duty as a leader but it is so nefarious to pray for ones death!!!

  38. praying for the president’s death is certainly not the way forward!

  39. Nigerians oo!!! praying for his death will not help anybody ..why not pray for God’s mercy.

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