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Aborted Baby Found Flushed into Septic Tank in Female Students’ Lodge

A 7-week-old fetus has been found flushed into a septic tank in one of the lodges in a Otoko, a community close to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU, Igbariam campus.

It was gathered that the Caretaker of the lodge which accommodated a lot of female students had discovered that the sewage system was blocked and in an attempt to find out the cause,the 7-week-old fetus was found blocking the pipe that channeled sewage into the septic tank.

The Caretaker brought it out, put it in a carton and buried it in a nearby bush.

The female student who flushed the fetus into through the toilet has yet to be identified.

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  1. hmm,why do people derive joy from killing innocent babies?
    quiz no:64
    group no:E

  2. Hope she’s caught…. there s no deed that can be hodden forever

  3. Hope she’s caught…. there s no deed that can be hidden forever

  4. Wow so this kind of thing still exists aborting of a child. Their is God oooo

  5. Hmm the way students do things this days is becoming so unbearable, how would it be that a mere mortal would have the mind to do such evil thing i pray dat the person behind such evil act would be caught & punished
    Quiz no 43
    Group team :E

  6. What a should be careful about what they do in their youthful age.Nawaooo
    Quiz no 62

  7. may God forgive the young girl that has commited this atrocity.
    Group no:57

  8. Everyday in this world, people is committing more sin .
    Quiz no: 63

  9. That’s a wicked act;proper investigation should be carried out to ensure that justice is done.

  10. What a world .one should be careful On what they do in their youthful age.Nawa ooo
    Group G

  11. Everyday in this world, people are committing more sin,this world is coming to an end oooo!!!!!
    Quiz no :63

  12. What a heartless girl. ending the life of another human. The consequences of her sin is definitely waiting for her.

  13. This is murder. Am not sure the person is human. How outrageous..

    Name: Okonkwo Isioma Jane
    Group: A


    Student ooooooo

  15. This is unfair and wicked..
    Esther dibia
    group m

  16. This is very wicked. what is the world turning into. God have mercy on this girl.
    quiz no:50

  17. what a horrible act… 105

  18. I really pity that so called human being because he did not know what she’s doing,she will later regret her action when she will looking for child
    Igbokwe Chioma
    Group A

  19. This girl is wicked later if she doesn’t give in the future she would say her village people are following her,this is the height of wickedness

  20. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    God have mercy!
    This female student that did this so evil, wicked and heartless. Why not carry the baby to motherless babies home instead of flushing him.
    Group A

  21. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    What a world indeed…Girls una matter weak me ooo

    Group D

  22. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    Does this mean that CONDOM is no more effective or they want it naturally done but if u want it that way,you should be able to carry the outcome…you come waste this pikin that might be the president of Nigeria in the nearest future.


  23. This is horrible…. if you are not ready to be a mother why not abstain from pre-marital sex….

    Group i

  24. This is an evil act..nawa for girls oo..How can you do such thing to your own blood.
    Team H

  25. what an evil world she must pay for B osiobe liberty

  26. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    How can someone act so cruel? An innocent child just wasted like that without a chance to live. The wicked will never go unpunished.
    Quiz no: 77

  27. So heartless.I wonder what this world is becoming
    Group E

  28. Oh God!!! Ladies please if you are not ready to be a mother yet dont risk sex!!! Lets stop wasting lives of innocent children who are leaders of tomorrow

  29. Ogbonna Florence o

    God have mercy!!!!very horrible…. ladies we should all be careful in all we do because a day of reckoning shall come.
    Team G

  30. Na wa oo! what is this world turning into? Girls be wise for once & repent.

  31. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca

    Team C

  32. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    God have mercy…..r.i.p to the innocent child….the lady wouldnt have peace of mind till she confess.

    group h

  33. This is s heartless thing to do….this is the disadvantage of pre-matital sex

    Group i

  34. This is wickedness, the poor innocent child, God forbid.
    Team G
    Quiz no:(78)

  35. may God have mercy on some people.. this is a very big sin
    group d


    Unbelievable,inexplicable,what an ridiculous act. Oh my God, I still can’t believe this. An innocent child,This world is full of evil. Please Lord save us from the hands of evil people.
    Team G

  37. hmmmn, she knows she is not ready for child bearing ,why did she not abstain from sexual interaction. and now she just committed murder

  38. God have mercy on our youth oo
    Group E

  39. Arinze obiageli peyson

    Group H

    Choi. Na WA o. Our parents Sent us to school to make them proud. Now look at what some of us students are doing to themselves all in the name of boyfriend and girlfriend

  40. This is indeed terrible,such a sad story girls should indeed be careful…
    Group name _M

  41. Jesus Christ

  42. God have Mercy on dis person. this is wickedness in highest order, I don’t know why we gals are wicked and hrtless .chidume D

  43. people should be mindful of their actions. group J

  44. this is terrible and heartless
    group m

  45. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    What a heartless mother…
    Group A

  46. Na wa oo. Because you don’t need it now you flushed it out but bear it in mind that when you will need it, the baby will in turn flush you out.

  47. bobby onwuegbuzie

    Imagine someone was sent to school to study this is what she has ended up doing groupI(9)

  48. This is wickedness in the heighest order. some girls know that they are not ready to be a mother, they will still have sex and when pregnancy or the baby comes, they will kill the innoncent baby…there’s God ooo

    Group H

  49. This is so bad
    Wicked act..An innocent baby!!

    Nawa ooooo

    Group G

  50. Ojukwu Ogochukwube

    The evil humans commit….it’s a shame, signs of end time

  51. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    The person who did this will surely suffer the consequence. how can a girl open her legs for a boy and after that rubbish act, she can not bear the consequence of motherhood. God judgment awaits some university girls in marriage. girls please stop aborting our future leaders. That child you abort today, might be the child to bring Greatness to you and your family. Give him a chance to live .

    Group F : Group leader.

  52. I know this isn’t a rape, she willing gave her body and the result came out, why now removing the baby. Thought they said women are superior to men by making whatever you give them greater. The doesn’t want to prove the quote right….
    (Group G)

  53. What an abominable act. Groupj

  54. ifejika Celestine

    this one make me weak. otoko why?

    team : c

  55. ifediniru chidike c

    The caretaker should organize lodge deliverance prayer, this is to avoid stories that touches the heart.

    team: H

  56. ifejika Celestine

    O God deliver this our generation. otoko why?

    team: C

  57. Okomkwo chukwunonso victor

    This is pure wickedness ,a innocent child be killed like that, the person that done these abominable act the innocent child blood is on her hand.

  58. Ezeifeka Emmanuella

    The caretaker has done well, the student needs God’s help, we should pray for her.
    Group C

  59. God help us teaml

  60. The worst sin ever , taking the life of another . All in the name of avoiding shame and disgrace.
    Group G
    Quiz no. 92

  61. don’t have sex till you married, you said no, now you’ve seen the end result and with your church mind you threw this precious gift of God…. it’s alright, don’t forget “Karma” has no respect of identity.

  62. Chidimma Lilian ndubisi

    God, why are people dis wicked, innocent baby, d gal dat did dis will later know wot she did to her self
    Group E

  63. This is bad, who knows what that baby was destined for? maybe a Great leader of tomorrow.. Lord have mercy.

    Team L

  64. chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    Nawa ooo God have mercy
    Group A

  65. Group K
    What a wicked world…..

  66. Only someone with dead conscience can commit such an abominable act…May God forgive

  67. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    What a sinful world we are in… God have mercy

    Group C

  68. Girls repent! The kingdom of God is at hand…How will a mere human kill his fellow human? May God have mercy o

  69. That Lady has no remorse for human being

    Team B

  70. Nwangene blessing George

    For Christ sake what is really going on in this world… God have mercy.
    Quiz no: 120
    Group: H

  71. Nothing is hidden under the sun so the one responsible must be caught and receives the consequences of her action
    Group M

  72. Ebeledike Ifunanya

    This girl should have brought up the baby since she has given birth to her. I pity the little child.
    Group B

  73. Patrick Loveth Onyinye

    Hmmm abortion again?girls will always surprise the you that heartless being don’t just pray for forgiveness from God because that baby will never forgive you for disenfranchising his K

  74. Nwankwo chinaza blessing

    is not fair oo God will punish that girl
    Group j

  75. some girls self ,God have Mercy on her. group H

  76. what a sorrowful news, what a wicked and Agony life, imagine an innocent baby like this being flushed out in a septic tank, God have mercy on the person that did such thing.

  77. Some girls are really heartless,how can someone kill an innocent soul just like that,this is one of the signs of end time.
    Quiz no G.

  78. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    This is really bad..Abortion everywhere, May lord God forgive her.. group c

  79. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    This is really bad..Abortion everywhere, May the lord God forgive her.. group c

  80. What a wicked world….well am living in a world where nothing Seems to surprise me anymore, everyday new tinz keep on coming up

    Group E

    Quiz number 102

  81. The girl that did that,I wonder where she would have been if her mother had done the same thing to her…

    Group F.

  82. Durex Condom is just #200. Don’t be shy to have it in your room.Abstinence remains the best but if you must do please Use condom to prevent this kind of news.I pray nature will forgive the girl behind this.

  83. Chinenye Nnajiofor

    Wat a wicked world….i wounder if that girl is a beast how can she do such a thing, by killing an innocent child..wat a pity

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