Tuesday , February 20 2024

Abomination! Man Caught in Homosexual Act in Anambra Paraded in Market Square to Appease Land (see video)

This happened in Agulu, Anambra State. A man was caught by the local vigilante allegedly defiling young boys in the village. The story is that there have been reports that the man is homosexual but there was no evidence to get him arrested. However luck ran out on the man as he was caught in the act by local vigilante a few days ago and paraded in Afor Agulu market for the world to see and hear his abominable act. This is the ancient times technique of naming and shaming those who defiled the land.

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  1. chisom Janefrances

    Wonders shall never end…… hmmmm

  2. I have died! Why would one prefer a nyash to the other one? I have been trying to understand this. This must be an evil spirits in action.

  3. Nawa oooooo……..

  4. It’s a bad act, no doubt, but he should have faced the law for defiling a minor instead of being paraded this way. He abused a child and there’s law against it. it’s bad to punish him in this manner in this century.

  5. Are you saying the people should abandon their tradition of appeasing the land through naming and shaming in market place? They are saying it is their tradition.

  6. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Here is not United States that such art is allowed. That man deserves to die. Destroying the lives of children.. wickedness in higher places.

  7. It’s abominable so let’s join voices and decry the act after all God in his infinite wisdom made Adam and Eve and not the reverse.He deserves more punishment

  8. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    Onye iberibe

  9. This is stupid and ridiculous. So long as the men he’s sleeping with are 18 and above , they are adults and so long as it is not a public display . This illiterates shouting could be paedophiles sleeping with underage girls and married women . Nsi aka my foot . Has the ala help all the sufferings, death and Fulani killings in igboland ? Useless yeye people. Some men are bi-sexual and some are gay . They are born that way . Leave them alone . This is barbaric . So primitive

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