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A Third Of Women Only Date Men Because of the Free Food, Study Says

Many ladies might not totally agree with this but a new study has made crazy revelation about women in relationship. Checkout this shocking research study and tell us whether you agree with the findings.

A new study published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology journal found that a quarter to a third of heterosexual women have gone on a date with a guy they weren’t interested in — just for a free meal.

Foodie calls,” can happen when money’s tight, the grocery store is out of a favorite frozen meal, or a must-try entree is just too extravagant to justify — when the tab comes out of your own bank account.

Two studies, the first conducted with 820 women, and the second with 327, asked participants if they ever engaged in a plate for play: 23% of the women copped to it in the first study, 33% in the second.

The researchers — Brian Collisson, Jennifer Howell, and Trista Harig of Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced — also noted that the woman who felt dating for food was socially acceptable were more likely to exhibit the “dark triad” of personality traits. That’s “psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism” for those without a PhD in psych.

In addition to egotism (with a side of truffled mashed potatoes to-go) Collisson said foodie callers are more likely to engage in “one-night stands, faking an orgasm, or sending unsolicited sexual pictures.”

And with climbing rents, and an ever-expanding list of restos to try, New York might well be teeming with foodie calls. One East Villager, Olivia Balsinger, was treated to a five-course meal at the see-and-be-seen seafood joint Catch in the Meatpacking District.

Balsinger told the Post two years ago: “If I had been forced to pay, I probably wouldn’t have been able to eat for weeks afterward.”

(Source: New York Post)

This study was done in the United States of America. Does the result apply to your own country? Let us know your view on this.


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  1. Emmanuella Ezeifeka

    I don’t think it applies to my country Nigeria ooo

  2. Thank God is not categorized on all women

  3. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    Lol well this is somehow true


    Hmmm interesting

  5. I strongly disagree with this findings. I believe everyone has their own reasons.

  6. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    A third of Men only date for Sex as well…

  7. lol…it is only hungry ladies that will go out on a date for free food

  8. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    Before nko what do we need dem for.

  9. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Obviously na

  10. yeah. i believe so. i mean can you actually say no to some guy offering you free food?

  11. This kind of Study self eh

  12. That’s so not true

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