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5000 Nigerians Deported from Mali

This is part of Bamako, capital of Mali; 5000 Nigerians were deported from this country (Pix credit: alamyphoto)

Reports have it that 5,500 Nigerians are to be deported from Mali and Libya as a result of various migration offences ranging from Human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, and non possession of valid travel documents. These deportees will be arriving in batches from these countries. Vanguard online reported that the Director-General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP Julie Okah-Donli, made this disclosure on Wednesday, May 11,during her maiden visit at the agency’s zonal command in Lagos. While 500 will be deported from Lybia, beginning from today, another 5000 will be deported from Mali.

According to Mrs. Okah-Donali, the 5000 victims to be deported from Mali are mainly victims of m human trafficking who were awaiting evacuation back home. Vanguard online reported that the NAPTIP boss described the trend of deportation of Nigerians from different parts of the world in recent time as frightening, adding that she called for the need to provide an attractive environment that would keep people gainfully employed in Nigeria. “Between February and April, this year, no fewer than 1,134 Nigerians were deported from different parts of the world for various offences. Out of the number, 905 were deported from Libya in five batches, 115 from Italy in four batches, 41 from Mali; 26 from Burkina Faso; 14 from Ghana ; 22 from the United Arab Emirate; one from Cameroon; 8 from Cote-Ivore and two from Togo,” Mrs. Okah-Donali said.


We agree that this story is disturbing and that people seem to be attempting to leave Nigeria for greener pastures apparently because of economic recession. People fall victim to human traffickers thinking there is greener pasture outside the country. But the question is how can you agree to follow somebody to a country you are sure your own country is 100 times better than? We know some of the victims may have been told they would be taken to Europe or USA from some of these countries. But some actually went to these countries for “greener pasture”. Please look at the countries that these 5,500 deportees are returning from and let us know what you would be offered to go there for “greener” pastures. What do you think is responsible for the massive attempt to leave Nigeria and sneak into other countries no matter the condition of things there?

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This is Ouagadougou, capital of Burkinafaso. 26 Nigerians were recently deported from this country (Photo credit: cs.mcgill)


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  1. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    From mine own point of view, peoples traveled outside the country jos because of d recession thinking that the country z better than Nigerian, but I promise them after running, they must surely come back.I believ that each countries in this world are all equal to the tax.

  2. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    I think economic recession is responsible for the massive attempt of Nigerians to sneak into other countries… The government should see to this(23) Lagos group A

  3. I think it’s because the would find a better pasture or more freedom or be more comfortable than there country that’s why the migrated
    Quiz number:(18) Group number:(15 A)

  4. I think it’s because of low economic or the think it’s better for them to move to a better area
    Quiz number:16
    Group number:15 A

  5. to me, I think Nigerians travel to other country cause of Nigeria poor economy and also cause of lack of employment so with this they travel out to hustle.

  6. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    The present state of the country (recession) is responsible for the massive sneak in to other country…
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  7. Edochie vivian kc

    Sneaking out of the country is never the best solution rather we all have to put our head together and solve our economy problems (15)

  8. Person’s leaving this country to other country are runing from the unknow.they say the biggest risk in life is for you not to take a risk at all. so from my own point of of view citizens should put more effort in creating a job for themselves by indulging in agriculture rather than going to an unkown country in the name of looking for a greener pasture and the government should help in providing financial assistance for youth that want to be self employed.Also government should create awareness to the public about human trafficking because her citizen are victims,seminars should be held in different rural and urban areas of the country,television and radio stations e.t.c can as well help in spreading the information.

  9. everyone now want to leave their country because of the economic recession to tell you how critical this is..i dont even think the govt are working towards it..guess only the president health matter
    quiz no 27

  10. Nigeria is blessed ,people should be more patience and hand working ..

  11. The corruption rate is just too much here in Nigeria.

  12. Ubabuko Chiamaka

    Everybody is trying to be great and rich tomorrow with this people leave Nigeria to other country thinking that life is sweet over their………. Not knowing that u can be what ever God says u will be where ever u are, we will all make it here in Nigeria no matter d situation

  13. hmmm God help us because Nigeria is turning into something else

  14. when will Nigerian change for good , because Nigeria is turning into something else

  15. onyinye grace nwankwo

    Is Mali better than Nigeria let alone Libya, Mali, Burkina Faso , Ghana ,United Arab Emirate, Cameroon, Cote-Ivore and Togo. The thing is that Nigerians doesn’t value their country thinking that recession only exist here in Nigeria not knowing is everywhere. instead of them to engage in something meaningful to earn a living.. They prefer travelling to carry Money in the bag..They have not seen anything. They even see money to travel…(65)

  16. 2015054109 quiz no. 20

    is just that we Nigeria don’t know what we have. time shall come when our eyes will open ……

  17. Anene Amarachi

    What a shame to Nigeria. 2015054058

  18. ebeagwu chinonye quiz (79)

    instead if traveling to other country let’s stay together and make our country to be like others

  19. Why is it always Nigerians? The government should try and look into d matter quiz no 40

  20. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    most people like the fact the their families will regard them and respect them like some that Is in abroad.most especially when their friends and relatives ask, so regardless of the country they will want to leave Nigeria.
    Group No 15a
    QUIZ no 24

  21. Onwuasoanya Rachael

    They believe they will make it in other country than Nigeria……… Is because of Nigeria’s bad economy so people travel to other country to make it in life

  22. Muotolum victoria

    leaving your own country for a strange one is not the solution to the current problem of recession..
    The question is, what and how have you tried helping yourself in such difficult situation??
    Honestly, some persons lazy about smoking, prostituting, drinking and involving themselves in something drastic all in the name of No Job. while they could still learn trade or skill acquisitions to help themselves and family…
    check for instance, the trending stories and videos been sent on social media (whatsapp)
    A video of an African girl who was lured to libya because some persons framing to be agencies promised her a job of housekeeping,Never did she know it was going to be her last..
    As the video explained, her kidney was taken and they left unconscious..

    So, I solidly agree with the government for deporting them back to their countries..
    we all should learn to stick to our father land and make something meaningful out of our lifes….

    quiz No:26

  23. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    what is wrong with this people?, i still believe in my country because in the end of every tunnel there is light.
    group no15A
    quiz no31

  24. Nigeria is something else,when will Nigeria be better

  25. Hope they’re really victims of human trafficking o and not trainees of terrorism and IEDs. I remember people positing some years back, that most members of the now almost-defunct BOKO HARAM sect were in fact deportees AND citizens from these nearby sub-saharan countries. Just saying.

  26. Leaving your country isn’t the best

  27. Chikwendu Chidinma

    Economy recession definitely is the cause and bad leadership too. God deliver Nigeria Amen

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