5 Ways To Prevent Your Phone From Getting Stolen At A Nigerian Wedding

A security expert writes on how you can ensure your phone doesn’t get stolen in weddings. Read the article below and get wiser.

Today, I’ll be sharing 5 Ways You Can Prevent Your Phone From Getting Stolen At A Nigerian Wedding. I Could have posted this the other day but no thanks to the crazy anti spam bots that suspened my stay on NL wink Hehe.. Proves I’m a human afterall. Many thanks to the super mod who bailed me out.

Going to a wedding party here in Nigeria is always delightful but yet challenging at times. Technically there are two things involved.

It’s either you go with a loaded pocket and ATM card and then come back with almost nothing left or you go with nothing and come back with a hand full of goodies. (lol)

The latter sounds more profitable but the truth is that both categories often get measured up with the same plight. With the gorgeous outfit, beautiful music, tasty cakes, eye-catching decoration and everything that goes up in a wedding, we often get carried away leaving our belongings at the mercy of fast fingers.

You may never really understand how heartless “second owners” are until they rob you of your wallet, wrist watch or phone, leaving you to trek back home without any idea of the time. I’ve once had such experience.

So did I hear you say there’s a big wedding this weekend?

If that’s you saying “YES!”, then be ready to make another cherishable memory without counting losses. Of course aside those lump of money you’re going to spray the couples. (lol)

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Now, here’s how you can actually prevent your phone from getting stolen at a wedding.

1. Don’t steal the show
I decided to put this first cos of the likes of Ebuka who are capable of stealing people’s wedding show – if you remember the Ebuka Agbada that trended for some months.

If you don’t want your phone stolen, then you shouldn’t put karma to test. You can’t come with a 10,000 Naira killer perfume on a 10,000 Naira starched cloth and expect “fine boys” not to smile at you.

Just lay low. It’s too late to fail!

2. Don’t give your phone to strangers.
This happened to my neighbor some months ago, his girlfriend gave his phone to a strange girl to help take her some full portrait shot.

To cut the long story short, we’re still looking for his phone till now.

Strangers are strangers. Am not against giving them a chance to get to know you but I’d rather you “please don’t touch my phone”

3. Hold your phone by yourself
So while you are dancing the shaku-shaku and killing the Manya beat, you shouldn’t let the DJ sweep you off your feet with banger jam that will leave you crying at the end of the show.

If there’s nobody around to help you hold your phone while you’re rocking the dance floor, hold it by yourself. Don’t worry it won’t break.

But if you choose to play on the safer side,

4. Drop your phone in your car.
Now, this is a good way to disappoint “fine boys” but it comes with some set back like you won’t be using your phone to do videos and take pictures.

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You’ll just have to put Xander to use later on.

5. Don’t drink too much
What’s a celebration without Champaign and bottles of beer on the table?

But despite that, a wedding shouldn’t be a place you test your carrying capacity for alcohol. Drink too much and you could go off guard, create a scene, embarrass yourself and even worst

… letting “fine boys” play a fast one on you

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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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    No matter anything , robbers get many ways of stealing..

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