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5 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview is one of the secrets of being successful at the interview. You need to know the dos and don’ts of seating for an interview. Job interview candidates most times face a lot of pressure, and they might have a lot to remember. Being in that hot seat is not an easy task at all. But knowing what it takes to come out in one piece is very essential. In this article, shares some red flags candidates often gave off during an interview process. These are things that, when said, cut down on your chances of getting the job. You should know these things and avoid saying them during job interviews.

  1. I Don’t Have Any Questions

    In the court of law, silence is synonymous to pleading guilty. When you remain mute or refuse to ask a question, you become too close and reserved for the employer to read. At the end of the interview, we often ask candidates if they have any questions. We are merely trying to assess the candidate’s intellect and capacity further. Most of the time, candidates flop with the usual, “I don’t have any question.” Please, ask as many questions as possible. Try to learn more about the company, the role, and the team. But don’t get too overboard!

    2. I Don’t See Myself Working Here In The Next Five Years

    Naïve and inexperienced candidates often detonate this bomb in the interview room without knowing. As pathetic as it might sound, they often spew it with so much alacrity and pride. Why would I employ you when you’re uncommitted? You might have big career aspirations. Even if you’re staying for six months, you don’t need to tell your employer. Also, you can never know the magnitude of growth this very opportunity might offer. Among the things you should never tell your potential employer, this should be at your top list. Once you say it, forget the job!

    3. What Does The Company Do?

    Now, that is a huge red flag. The hiring manager expects you to know the ins and outs of the company. When you’re giving the floor to ask questions, never ask what the company does. You’re supposed to know. Your potential employers would see you as unprepared and incompetent. You might have soared excellent in every stage of the interview; this question alone is enough to disqualify you.

    4. “I Don’t Know. (Full Stop)”

    Most candidates often say this when bombarded with a question they can’t answer. There are lots of ways to handle a problem, without flaunting your weakness on the face of your interviewer. Instead of saying you don’t know, consider surrounding your “don’t know” with what you know. By saying you don’t know, it is like submitting a blank exam sheet to your lecturer. You’re probably getting a zero. But when you scrabble around, you still will be awarded a mark even though you made no sense. The same rules play in the interview room. Never say, “I don’t know” to your employer.

    5. A Lie

    Never lie to your employer! You know why? They always find out the truth. If you should find out how the company digs on you, you won’t even lie about the toothpaste you use. One lie is an enormous red flag. No company wants to hire a liar. Instead of lying, say the truth no matter how it hurt. Honesty always prevails and shows you off as trustworthy.

    In Summary

    To better understand how the interviewer sees, envision yourself in that other seat. Imagine if it is your company and you’re looking for the best talent. What are the things a candidate would say, and it will be a huge turn off? The more you can get into the mind of your potential employer, the better chance you have at getting the job. Good Luck!

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