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5 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger’s dream is to increase blog traffic. Traffic generation requires skills which you cannot learn overnight. There are paid sources through which you can get traffic such as pay per clicks (ppc), banner advertisement and media buying. However, these sources will cost you lots of money. You can definitely go for paid traffic when you start generating profits from your blog. But before then, you need to learn how to get free traffic through article submission and content marketing. These methods are very effective if followed as correctly.


Read this powerful article on 5 basic steps that will help to increase blog traffic by and take action. With time you will see your blog traffic improve.

1. Submit Your Articles to Powerful Article Directories

This is called article marketing. Now it depends on what strategies you implement to get your blog noticed. I believe that article marketing is powerful and it does wonders if done correctly. To be honest, it might not bring massive traffic initially but trust me, it will help you with seo and link building. There is also another advantage of article marketing; when your articles get published, a lot of authors and bloggers might use them on their own site (curation) and provide a link back to yours. This gives you quality link juice without a cost and helps your blog rank better in the search engines.

However, remember that only good content that deliver value gets curated and shared very often.

Here is a list of my top 12 favorite article directories where you can submit your articles to. They are well established and can help you get some quality backlinks to your blog as well as drive some traffic.

Search engines are getting strict about the quality of content.  To keep up with the search engine algorithm, most content publishing platforms have revised their rules. Most accept only tip top quality content so be prepared to write for good.

2. Submit your Blog to Directories

Adding your blog to directories is very important but not always necessary. This might not bring a flood of new readers but at least it has its own benefits. If you do it good and work hard on it, you will get good readers very soon. I am providing the best directories in my opinion that I have come a cross.

You can definitely find lots more if you Google but these are the best ones in terms of ranking and reputation and the best ones to start with. Loren Baker from search engine journal has posted another great list of 24 directories so check it out.

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