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5 kinds of students that get suspended for one year when caught in exam malpractice

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Some students get ready for their exams while some others don’t. What those who do not get ready for the exams do is to plan how to cheat in the hall. Some go free while others get caught. Well if you’re planning to cheat in the exam hall, better look at this set of students who get suspended for one year from the institution if they get caught. I am sure that this is not a risk worth taking.

  1. Those that bring in illegal materials into the hall

This is obvious. Once you are caught with text book, photocopied material or piece of paper containing summarized answers (whether they were useful in that exam or not), you will be suspended for one year after facing the exam malpractice panel.

  1. Those caught writing exam for someone else

This is impersonation. Whether the person is your girl friend, boy friend or ‘personal person’, you will surely get penalised with one-year suspension when caught. You may believe you won’t be caught but what if the devil has a paper to take that day and enters the same hall with you? You will get caught and get suspended for one year. Is it worth the risk? No.

  1. Those who exchange answer scripts in the hall

Some students try to assist their friends by exchanging answer scripts with the person they want to assist during the exam. They collect the person’s script to write the answers for the person after finishing their own exam early. This is as dangerous as it looks. Who said you won’t be caught this time. This risk is not worth taking.

  1. Those that are caught using handset in the hall
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This seems as if it doesn’t matter but most times students get indicted for this and are suspended for one year. Whether your handset is switched off or not, just keep it away from the exam venue because you might find it difficult to prove that you were not using it to answer a question when it is found in your possession.

  1. Those that fight invigilators

This is the most grievous offence of all. No matter what an invigilator says to you, the last thing you should do is to react violently. If caught it is also extreme exam misconduct which could send you home for a year or more. You can report an invigilator who misbehaves to a higher authority, not assaulting the person.


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  1. students should pls not indulge themselves in any examination malpractice of any kind for them not to be suspended or expelled which may lead to their lives being ruined.

  2. Its true student should be careful during the examination

  3. Very nice post, thanks a lot. The wise ones will take caution.quiz no 8 group 11.

  4. Exactly!!!

    I totally agree to all this point.

    Quiz no 73
    Group 4


    It’s alright
    next time they won’t try it again

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