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36 stunning facts about Chris Ani you may not know

There are three categories of people that exist in every society, according to Kathy Caprino, a leadership and career expert. You see these kinds of people around you always. The first category is made up of those who hate their work, and complain bitterly about it. The second is those who just tolerate their work and see it as a paycheck and are not really looking for more, and they even feel they cannot have more. The third category is made up of those who love their work, and relish it. This third category is made up of very few professionals globally who stand out because of their innate desire to change the world for the better especially by changing lives. This is where you’ll find Chris Ani, one of Nigeria’s leading inspirational entrepreneurs.

Chris is one of the very few Nigerians who are gifted in empowering others with wealth creation skills in an exciting, engaging and student-friendly way. He is the Founder of Digital Abundance, one of Nigeria’s foremost cryptocurrency training and education establishments. Chris is one young man who has put in unbelievable dedication, combination of foresight and hindsight garnished with risk-taking ability, to claw his way to the top of the food chain in the blockchain world. Just reading about how he got to the top of the tech-based business world is enough to revive the creative beast in any normal young Nigerian. So what do you know about this multi-talented tech giant who is making unbelievable impact in the lives of young people in Nigeria and beyond? Here are 32 stunning facts you may not know about Chris Ani, a serial life coach with an unprecedented passion to make others smile productively.


1. He was born in 1990

2. He hails from Enugu State

3. He grew up in Lagos

4. He studied in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

5. He is a graduate of Agriculture

6. He had his secondary education at Lerato Comprehensive College, Meiran Ijaiye Ojokoro,

Lagos State, Nigeria

7. He did his National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme in Rivers State

8. His initial plan before registering for JAMB and WAEC was to study medicine

9. He founded Big Brains for Agriculture, a group aimed at creating wealth through Agriculture

10. He founded Chris Ani Ministries, a Christian organization that does missionary, charity and church planting work

11. He had a near-fatal accident in 2017 along Ibeju Lekki road, Lagos, Nigeria

12. He was a very active pastor when he had the near-fatal accident in 2017

13. His vehicle, a Jeep, somersaulted four times in broad day light, around 12 midday, even when he was not on speed

14. His dog was also in the vehicle when he had the accident

15. Both Chris and the dog came out unscathed after the accident

16. He bought his first bitcoin in 2016

17. Bitcoin was $600 when Chris first invested in 2016

18. The first money he used to by Bitcoin was N200 thousand he borrowed from a friend

19. He founded Crypto Hub club, a platform that provides online courses about cryptocurrencies

20. He is the CEO of Digital Abundance

21. He founded Digital Abundance Business Academy (DABA) one of the leading tech-based educational platforms in Nigeria

22. He organized a massive Bitcoin conference in Lagos in 2019 on the platform of DABA, where officials of CoinCola, a leading cryptocurrency marketplace and exchange based in Hong Kong, were invited to speak.

23. The first car he bought with his money was a beautiful Golf car

24. His book, Crypto 101: A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, is one of the best-selling books on Cryptocurrency written by an African author

25. He once enrolled for ICAN exam to become a chartered accountant

26. His father was the first to encourage him to become a tech giant and even bought a laptop for him at a point

27. Under Chri Ani’s watch a number of DABA School students have made N1 million within one month after taking his courses and following the principles he provided

28. He began early in life to travel around Nigeria, visiting Universities to speak on entrepreneurship development and other motivational topics

29. His first book entitled Start Your Own Business was launched in 2012

30. The Bitcoin advocate whose story motivated Chris into the blockchain world was Andreas Antonopoulos

31. He wrote his first book, Start Your Own Business, while still a university student but launched it immediately after he graduated

32. has students signing up from across several countries of the world with testimonies of how their enrollment has impacted their businesses and life goals

33. He won the 2020 Binance Crypto Influencer Award for Africa/Middle East Category

34. He started hustling to be independent while in school, when he began dairy farm business as a 300 level student, travelling from Enugu to Nasarawa state via night bus to get Yogurt which he sold in restaurants and beer palours in the coal city.

35. He once used his monthly allowance from his Dad to pay for a self-development seminar in Enugu in 2006 while a 100 level student in Enugu State University, and had to starve the entire month after the seminar failed to lead him to any profitable venture.

36. The first thing he did when he returned home to Lagos immediately after graduating from ESUT was to buy a bag of rice for his family to prove that he had learnt to be independent even while a student. This move impressed his Dad who felt proud his son had learnt some wealth-creation, entrepreneurship skills on his own.

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