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32 Facts About Toke Makinwa You May Not Know

Toke Makinwa is undoubtedly one of the most controversial social media celebrities in Nigeria.  She is a famous On-Air Personality (OAP) whose off-radio comments have generated serious traffic for numerous blogs in Nigeria. Born 3 November 1984, the University of Lagos graduate shot into limelight after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night”. Toke is known to be a very vocal celeb that is never shy from making statements that are sometimes termed controversial. She has huge media presence especially due to her social media comments and appearance of her beautiful face on major magazines such as Complete Fashion Magazine, City People, ThisDay Style, Exquisite Magazine, among others. She is also making waves through her Vlog, Toke Moments, though most of her controversial comments on relationship first emanate from the vlog.

You might be wondering how Toke grew to become a huge media personality, a top controversial but influential OAP, where she got her inspiration from, what her early life was like. Well, there are flashpoints in her life which will quickly give you a picture of where she is coming from, where she has been, where she is headed or why she is taking the path she is presently following. Though this popular Vloger and media personality revealed most of the facts about her life in her book, On Becoming, which she published in 2016, there are still few facts about Toke that will stun you. Here are 30 solid facts about Toke Makinwa that will tell you about her life. You may not have known many of these facts.

  1. She was born in Abuja in 1984
  2. Her parents were killed in a fire accident
  3. Lost her parents while she was just 8 years old
  4. She was raised by foster parents
  5. Dated her ex-husband for 8 years before getting married to him
  6. Once preached against extramarital sex
  7. Has three joy sticks for masturbation
  8. She was beaten to an award twice by Daddy Freeze
  9. Has a Carmel toe that has far more followers than her
  10. She started bleaching to please her ex-husband who had preference for light-skinned women
  11. Does not like cooking, finds it disgusting
  12. Said she will never wear biker shorts again because it embarrassingly exposed her Carmel toe
  13. She attended Federal Government Girls College Oyo
  14. Studied English and Literature at UNILAG
  15. Practiced broadcasting a while before going to University
  16. Hated her body so much that she did a cosmetic surgery in 2018
  17. Has written and published a book entitled On Becoming
  18. Has her own hand bag brand, and skin care product line, both of which are selling well
  19. Made a sex tape with her ex-husband because he requested for it
  20. Her marriage to her ex-husband was dissolved by a Lagos High Court
  21. Stumbled on a sex tape her husband made with another woman shortly after she made a sex tape with him
  22. Attempted to commit suicide at some point due to depression caused by failed relationship with her ex-husband
  23. The suicide plan she had was to gulp down a complete bottle of Dettol (not sniper)
  24. Once found another woman’s sanitary pad in her husband’s drawer
  25. Once joined a 70-day praying and fasting programme while she was still with her ex-husband, to pray for their relationship to survive
  26. Almost married an Englishman in London to earn citizenship
  27. Separated from her ex-husband after she discovered he had impregnated his side chick
  28. Said mothers of all the guys she dated did not like her
  29. Once dated a guy whose mother kept praying for her to find her own husband (not her son)
  30. Wept for days while awaiting an appointment call from a bank she had looked to work with
  31. Launched an empowerment programme called OnBecomingEmpowered back in 2017.
  32. Gifted N3.5 Million to four fans who had very good business ideas in 2017 as part of her empowerment project.


(You would find most of these facts, and more if you read Toke Makinwa’s book, On Becoming).

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