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300 Level Student of Uniben Commits Suicide

A 300-Level Medical Laboratory student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Christabel was yesterday evening discovered dead in her hostel room at Newton Street, Ekosodin area of Benin City, after allegedly taking some deadly substance to end her life.

The details of the incident were still sketchy as at press time yesterday but according to eyewitnesses, she mixed the deadly insecticide popularly called Snipper with a Sprite drink and reportedly left a suicide note where she stated that she was about taking her life because the guy she loved didn’t love her in return after her boyfriend broke up with her.

But another witness who confirmed the incident said an empty sachet of Klin detergent was found on the spot where her body laid.

Meanwhile, in a social media post by Uniben Metro, it was reported that the suicide note, which is already in custody of the police at Ugbowo police station, was addressed to two persons, names withheld and the two persons have been invited to the police station for questioning.

The post claimed the suicide was not due to relationship problems between the deceased and her boyfriend but rather personal unresolved issues between the two persons the letter was addressed to.

“The letter didn’t state what happened between the two mentioned persons, reason the police have invited them to unravel the reasons behind the deceased’s action,” the post stated.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. Udubrai Obediah

    lord have mercy ,the rate at which people are comitting sucide is alarming,Nigeria alone is causing deppression

  2. Hmmm suicide is not the best solution

  3. wat a tragedy of a poor young girl…it’s a pity

  4. Suicide is never an option.

  5. Agina onyinye blessing

    This is so alarming

  6. Chidolue marycynthia ogechukwu

    So painful

  7. Eke Macdera Rachel

    Hmmmm there’s absolutely nothing in this life.

  8. Omemgboji Valentina Eberechukwu

    Oh, my God, the girl wouldn’t have killed herself. There are so many ways to resolve relationship problems. And if the guy doesn’t love you, my dear,there are so many guys out there, so why suffer yourself.

  9. Sucide is not the solution to depression.

  10. Ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    Nawa ooh people dnt value dia life again!

  11. Kamsy Jeffnwankwo

    so unfortunate

  12. Suicide suicide suicide!!! How many people remain nah?

  13. Okwugba Alvin Dubem

    This Girl already planned to die which one is sniper tufiakwa

  14. Ndubuisi Celestina kosisochukwu

    everytime university undergraduate will be committing suicide for nonsense reason…. this world Sef.

  15. Adinam onyinye precious

    Nigeria ooo

  16. Chinweuba Tobechi

    This suicidal case is becoming to much.. I think some people need to organise a campaign about this suicide of thing and go around Nigeria university especially federal universities…

  17. Why is sucide now a normal thing for people this days

  18. So painful but she has chosen her part

  19. Nawa ooo what has this world turned into…

  20. So painful but she has chosen her part….I feel sorry for her family

  21. Tufiakwa Sniper has killed so many people

  22. Chukwukezie Sylvia Amara

    Na wa oo

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