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30 stunning facts about Maryam Booth you may not know

When it has to do with perfect interpretation of movie scripts to fit into any role, some people are truly talented in making acting look very realistic. There are Nollywood personalities who are naturally gifted in acting. They interpret roles without stress. When you watch them neatly fit into a character you wonder whether they were born and bred in Hollywood, the leading home of acting as a profession in the world. Once you sight their faces on the promotional posters or trailers of any movie you are ready to go any length to be among the first to see the movie once it is released. Such rare qualities are very few in Nollywood which is now unfortunately dominated accidental actors and actresses. One name among talented actresses that have continued to make the Nigerian movie industry a brand to reckon with is Maryam Booth, the most captivating and realistic Kannywood actress, in terms of character interpretation and role expression.

Kanywood is the Hausa movie industry which is part of the larger Nollywood industry. Maryam is among the Kannywood personalities whose dominance in Nigeria’s Hausa movie industry transcends fan base across ethnic groups in the country. This pretty actress has an infectious sensation in acting which makes even non Hausa-speaking movie fans love her on and off camera swag and inspirational charisma. Here are 20 facts about Maryam Booth you may not know.

1. She is Maryam Ado Muhammed but is popularly known as Maryam Booth

2. She was born on 28 October 1993 in Kano State

3. She is of mixed heritage traced to her mother’s parents; Her grandmother is Fulani while her grandfather is Scottish

4. Studied at Mantissa College in Malaysia where she earned a first degree Business administration

5. She has a Masters degree in Project Management and Cinematography

6. She has a Diploma in Mass Communication from Bayero University, Kano

7. Did her NYSC in Jigawa State in 2017

8. Her mother, Zainab Booth, is a renowned veteran Kannywood actress

9. Her brother, Ahmed Booth, and cousin, Ramadan Booth are Kannywood actors

10. Her last name ‘Booth’ is derived from her grandfather’s Scottish heritage

11. She owns a beauty parlor in Kano called MBooth Beauty Palour

12. She also owns a clothing line in Kano

13. She was introduced to Kannywood industry by her aunt, Bello Mohammed, though her mother was already into acting

14. She is a make-up artist, fashion designer, accessories dealer

15. She was 18 years old when her first attempt at getting married failed after the family of a guy whom she had dated for five years said he can’t marry an actress

16. She waited for five years for her boyfriend to finish his education only for him to end up marrying another woman

17. She started romantic dating at the age of 13; dated her guy until she was 18 before he left her and married another woman

18. She became the best child-actress Kannywood has ever seen after storming the industry at the age of 8

19. The movie that shot her to limelight, ‘Dijangala’, was directed by Ali Nuhu, one the best hands in Kannywood industry.

20. She acted together with Ali Nuhu as two orphan siblings in the hit movie, Dijangala, where she played the lead role and ended up a household name among Kannywood fans across the world

21. She once planned to start a film school

22. She once accused her ex-boyfriend of blackmail after her nude video which lasted for three seconds was leaked online

23. Her nude video which was leaked online in 2020 was taken 3 years earlier and it lasted for 3 seconds

24. In 2018, she activated the viral circulation of fake pre-wedding photos with another very popular musician and Kannywood actor, Sadik Zazzabi, but it ended up being a stunt for an upcoming movie

25. She co-hosted the prestigious Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards with TV personality and top comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, in 2019.

26. In 2019 she was engaged by West Africa Seasoning Company (WASCO) limited as brand ambassador of AJI-NO-MOTO food seasoning brand, for the northern Nigeria market

27. Also in 2019 2he signed an endorsement deal with Airtel as their brand ambassador

28. She owns a training centre where she teaches people how to do make-up

29. She owns a mini restaurant, which is an extension of MBooth Beauty palour, with spar and hairdressing outlets also included in the beauty business

30. Some fans thought she smokes in real life after she featured as a smoker who seemed to enjoy smoking, in a movie entitled Sons of the Caliphate, but she said she does not smoke in real life and what she did was to portray her role in the movie as a spoilt child

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