3 Dead, 500 Injured as Storms Wash Scorpions and Snakes into Streets (Video)

This is a rare specie of fat-tailed scorpions among the most deadly in the world can kill humans under an hour and Egypt has a lot of them.

Hail and thunderstorms along the River Nile swept the scorpions, as well as snakes, away from their usual hiding places in the city of Aswan.

Egypt is home to fat-tailed scorpions that are among the most deadly in the world and can kill humans in under an hour.

The governor of the local region Ashraf Attia said at least 503 people were hospitalized after suffering scorpion stings

Schools have been ordered to close to protect children from the scorpions and snakes.

Professor at Agricultural Research Center Ahmed Rizk told thew newspaper that heavy rains wash away scorpions and snakes.

The creatures then look to find new hiding places so they head to houses, particularly on high ground.

All of them were discharged after they were given anti-venom doses.

(The Sun UK)


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