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21-year-old Female Student Who Is In Love With Her 54-year-old Boss Shares Their Romantic Story (Photos)

Rahab Kimani and Barnaget
A 21-year-old lady identified as Rahab Kimani, who lives in Barnaget, New Jersey, and fell in love with her boss who is 33 years older than her, has revealed how she was branded ‘disgusting’ by friends over the age-gap relationship.
According to Dailymail UK, the female student who disclosed exclusively to the publication, said she ‘immediately wanted’ 54-year-old Joe Singiser, when she met him through work at a nursing home.
While speaking to a correspondent, the father of four, said he was ‘surprised’ when he found himself attracted to a much younger employee but decided to pursue the romance because he knew it was ‘true love’.
The couple, who have been together for a year, now live together and are considering starting a family together.
Speaking on their romance, Rahab, a student and home health aid, said: ‘My friends were really disgusted in me for finding an older man attractive, so I just stopped talking about it when I was around them.
‘I was very comfortable on our first date. We laughed the whole night and had so much to talk about. I remember after I got home I couldn’t stop smiling.
‘It was really hard dealing with the way my family reacted to it. I had to give them their space and I cried almost every single day.’
Rahab revealed she first found Joe attractive while he was her supervisor. ‘I thought he was very attractive and immediately wanted him. I really liked his big muscles and that everyone at work was afraid of him.’ 
Meanwhile Joe said he ‘noticed her beautiful smile from across the room’ and would find excuses to come out of his office just to see her.
Rahab said that while she no longer sees the age difference, they do draw looks from strangers on the street. ‘We get looks while in public all the time,’she said.
‘Someone even came up to me once and said I should be ashamed of myself because I just want his money. I did get sensitive, but I just walked away.
‘I just see him as my boyfriend and my best friend. If anything, the difference is that I take this relationship as more serious than previous ones. It took everyone a long time, but they are finally understanding of us being together.’
Joe has introduced Rahab to his children who are ‘very accepting of their relationship’. The 54-year-old admitted that while they share many interests, there is also compromise.
He said; ‘We are in two different places in our lives. She parties all night and I’m in bed at 10pm but we make it work because we love each other.’  
Now that they have been together for one year, the couple has started to discuss the possibility of marriage and children.
(Daily Mail)

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  1. This is madness

  2. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Wawu!! I hope it lasts long and he doesnt try to slash her throat like other fellow white men do to their black wifes

  3. okoye chidimma Ann

    The age difference is actually very glaring but it is only the two of them that will understand what they feel for each other,people will eventually learn to accept them.

  4. its not bad
    team dum dum

  5. Amene chidera doris

    Hmmmm am not understanding the type of love here oo..
    Team wawrinka

  6. This is love but don’t try it in Nigeria

    Team name: Pastors grief

  7. well love conquers all and like its said, age is nothing but a number.Goodluck
    Team:Amazon Princess

  8. Age is just a number
    Let’s watch ND see what happens next
    Team Bouake

  9. Lazarus kelvin chidiebube

    Money is talking,
    Money get power
    Team Rosa park

  10. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    This man is too old 4 dis girl na.
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  11. Nwangene Blessing George

    (Team Bouke)
    There’s no age in love

  12. Anagboso Chimdimma joy

    pedophile….this is so not love
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  13. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Please let them be… A more matured and experienced mind is what should be involved and not a young regular boy that is only interested in your body

    Team Wawrinka

  14. Arinzechi flourish

    (Team Bouke)
    And they are so in love

  15. My dear ones you are happy the age doesnt dumdum

  16. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Love conquers all
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  17. At least she’s happy

    Team Wawrinka

  18. Personally I don’t buy the idea but if that’s where she has found love then there’s no problem.
    Team paste from India

  19. The age difference is too high but its up to them

  20. Nwankwo chinaza Blessing

    happy love life my dear age z just a number

  21. chidozie chiazokam Jennifer

    love z blind

  22. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    I wish them well. Team Wawarinka.

  23. U will soon date ur ancestors…….

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    Team wawrinka
    Well…love dey say is blind

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    Hmm….someone is speechless here

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    Love nawa oo.
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