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20 Quick Facts About Awka Millennial City

You might be wondering what the Awka millennial city is all about. Well, if you’ve not heard about it you can checkout their website just to know what it’s all about. It is going to be one of the many wonders in Nigeria if completed. Yes, that sounds too good to be true but this is definitely going to be a tourist attraction when completed. The magnificent sights will wow you and make you wish you will be among those to live there. The Awka Millennium City, is located within the 3-Arms Zone, by Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Agu Awka. It is an ambitious, gigantic project expected to bridge the deficit of housing in the state capital.

However, investors are always careful these days about such real estate projects. They fear that it might end up like others. But the Awka millennial city promises to be different as Anambra State government is clearly and solidly behind it. Probably you need to know about certain quick facts to make it possible for you to take informed decision about investing in the Awka millennial city.

20 Quick Facts About Awka Millennial City

1. It is done under a Public Private partnership (PPP).
2. There’s a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for the project between M-P Infrastructure and Anambra state government

3. The MOU was signed in on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

4. Awka Millennial City will be on a total one hundred hectares is projected to be ready.
5. Phase one of the Awka Millennial City involving twenty five hectares will be ready within eighteen months.

6. The total investment value of the project is $46.5 Million.

7. Anambra State government donated the land for the project as equity.

8. The Profit sharing formular is seventy three percent for M-P Infrastructure, twenty four percent for Anambra State Government while three percent is for the community social responsibility projects.

9. Governor Willie Obiano performed the ground breaking ceremony and inauguration of facilities for the Awka Millennium City in December, 2019.

10. The project has an exceptional, yet informative website, awkamillenniumcity.com, which you can easily visit and seek whatever fact you want.

11. The city is a large-scale residential neighborhood with residential, commercial and recreational uses and amenities, such as schools, leisure and entertainment centers, parks and playgrounds.
12. The estate will have roads built to global standards, as well as drainage, paving, sewage systems, 24/7 security, fibre ducts, regular power, estate maintenance, amazing natural landscaping and parks for families to relax and play. It will have swimming pools, sports facilities etc.

13. The city which will be located within the 3-Arms Zone will also house the new offices and residencies of members of the executive, judiciary and legislative arms of government.

14. The city will have 24 hours CCTV Surveillance and access control, underground cables, water treatment, sidewalks for jogging and sporting activities etc.

15. The entire project will be completed in 30 months.

16. The project will create at least 400 direct and indirect job.

17. M-P Infrastructures has dedicated 25 per cent of the 100 hectares for the city to built-up housing stock for anyone interested to subscribe.

18. The remaining 75 per cent of the 100 hectares fall under what is called site and services offering where interested subscribers purchase plots of land and build according to approved prototypes.

19. M-P Infrastructure will actually build these houses and then offer them for sale to Ndi Anambra and other interested subscribers.

20. The houses will include 5-bedroom, 4-bedroom, terrace and detached homes.


Watch 3D Video of city

(Source of Video: ABS)


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