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20 OAPs in Owerri You Should Listen to Their Programmes

Imo State has an exciting media landscape with radio and television stations of impressive reckoning. Most of the on-air personalities (OAPs) in various media houses have become household names in the city because of the popularity of their programmes and a growing broadcast media audience in the state. Some of the OAPs stand out because of their unique qualities and presentation style. Here is a list of top 20 OAPs in Owerri Imo State you should listen to their programmes.

20 – Chidera Derry Ujah – Hot 99.5 FM


Chidera Derry Ujah is one of the talented female OAPs in the broadcast media industry in Imo State. This brilliant presenter has an infectious joviality that makes fans love her shows. She began her career in broadcasting with Megaband FM in 2018. She then moved to The Reach FM, before crossing over to Hot 99.5 FM where she is currently doing very well. This graduate of English and Literary studies from Imo State University is also a captivating host who thrills guests at events till the end of the programme. Chidera is among the hottest female OAPs in Owerri.

20. Paul D’Magician

Paul is one of the most impressive OAPs in Imo State with a pedigree that is laced with over eight years experience as a broadcaster. This is the OAP with the most charmingly audience-friendly voice on air. This unique attribute has given him an unbelievably impressive rating among listeners in Owerri. If you listen to his programme once, you would continue to keep a date with him on air. This multi-talented media personality had worked with Sunrise FM, Enugu, ETV, Enugu, Magic FM Aba, before moving over to Darling 107.3 FM, Owerri where he is one of the best hands giving the station a unique brand. He is popularly known as Paul D’Magician by radio listeners in Imo State and beyond.

Paul is a speech development coach and the founder of PDM Concept. Though he graduated with an M.Sc. in Environmental Microbiology, Paul has continued to follow his passion for broadcasting with dedication and creativity that have stood him out among his contemporaries. He is the Head of Programmes at Darling FM Oweri.

Paul co-hosts one of the most sought-after morning programmes entitled Good Morning Owerri which airs on Darling 107.3 FM Owerri, every Monday (5am – 10am), Tuesday (5am – 12 pm) and Friday (7am – 8am). This is a compilation of local, national, business, sports, entertainment and a review of major newspaper headlines in English and Igbo. Paul’s infectiously calm and ‘sexy’ voice thrills his female audience to the extent that they get glued to their radio sets just to hear him speak, not really interested in what he is saying. Ask any lady in Owerri who listens to Darling FM, she will tell you that Paul is truly magical with his voice. Guys love the way he clearly presents analysis of unfolding and controversial topics on radio. Paul D’Magician is in fact, one vibrant OAP with an innocently captivating voice that makes his programmes a delight to listeners. If you don’t stay in Owerri, any time find yourself in the city just tune in to Darling 107.3 FM to listen to Paul. Be warned, you might not want to leave town again.

19. Uchenna Osinachi – The Reach 104.9 FM

Uchenna Osinachi, popularly known as ‘UC Royal’, is among the most skillful presenters in Owerri with a radio friendly voice that ‘charms’ her listeners. She hosts the ‘Sister’s Keeper’and  As E Dey Hot radio shows at The Reach 104.9 FM Owerri where she is one of the best hands the station can boast of. ReachFM on air personality Uchenna Osinachi popularly known as “UC Royal” This pretty talented OAP is a great presenter and an awesome event host who is well sought-after by people looking lively anchor for their programmes and occasions. Osinachi is among the hottest female OAPs in Owerri.


18. Ijeoma Nwoke – My Radio 101.1 FM

Ijeoma Nwoke, popularly known as Igolonwanyioma is a very interesting OAP who knows how to keep her audience glued to their radio sets while she is on-air. Her jovial personality is infectious even on radio. This makes listeners want to hear her voice always. She is one of the hottest female OAPs in Imo State with a cute personality that makes her very friendly.

17. Sunny Uma – The Reach 104.9 FM

Sunny Uma is one of the most captivating Igbo programme presenters in Imo State. He is in fact, a talented OAP who makes even those who don’t understand the language to stay glued to his programme because of the atmosphere of relaxation his presentation approach creates whenever he is on air. He hails from Ohafia in Abia State, Nigeria. Sunny is a season broadcaster who is driven by his passion for broadcasting in handling his programmes. He uses his programme to revive the culture and tradition of the Igbo tribe in interesting ways. This captivating OAP was once a TV presenter where he excelled as anchor of very popular programmes – Nkea Anyi programme and Akuko Kpom Kwem. He now anchors Ama m Ebe m Shi, Akuko Ụwa and Ozi Ekele at the Reach FM Owerri. Sunny is a multi-talented OAP with impressive pedigree as an author, entertainer, compère, and event manager.

16. Adaeze Ijeoma – Zandas 105.7 FM

Adaeze Petronilla June Ijeoma is one of the most captivating OAPs in Owerri. She is popular among radio listeners for her cheerful personality which she uses to make her radio programmes very exciting. She is one presenter you would want to always listen to on radio, especially with her exquisite on-air and off-air personality. Adaeze is among the hottest female OAPs in Imo State.

15. Cynthia Ubaka – Darling 107.3 FM

Cynthia Ubaka is popularly known by her stage name “Cassey D Radio Diva”. She has an audience-friendly accent that keeps listeners glued to her programme till the last minute. She is one of the hottest female OAPs in Owerri.

14. Chidera Aneke – Darling 107.3 FM

Chidera Rosecamille Aneke, popularly known by her stage name , Certified Camille, is a beautiful and hardworking OAP with making Darling FM Owerri one of the most sought-after radio stations in the State. The graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University began her journey into the broadcast world in 2014 while working with Radio Benue as a programme anchor during her National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme. She is one of the most charming OAPs in Owerri with numerous fans always tuning in to Darling FM to listen to her prgrammes. Chidera loves her work with a passion and this makes her very natural while engaging listeners during her programmes.

13 – Donald Ekenta – Ozisa 96.1 FM

Donad Ekenta might not be your social media OAP type but the creativity he carries is making many radio listeners happy to be alive and capable of listening to his programmes. Donald is one of the most exciting Igbo language programme presenters in the entire South East geopoitical zone. His handling of Igbo language and the blending of rythymic tones in packaging his message is a unique skill that totally captivates his audience whenever he is on air. Igbo language listeners, especially the middle and old aged segments of the audience in both urban and rural areas do not joke with his programmes at all. Just ask anyone to tell you when to tunne in to Ozisa FM to listen to his programmes, you’ll definitely be glad you did.

12. Jude Okpara – The Reach 104.9 FM

Jude Jaycee Okpara popularly known as ‘Radio Prince’ one of the OAPs in Imo state with very impressive presentation skills. He knows how to carry the audience along till the end of his shows. Jude is a top-notch presenter, an event host, and an anchor with infectious sense of humor. He is one of the best hands at The Reach 104.9 FM Owerri that have made the station a unique brand among listeners in the Imo State and beyond. Jude began his journey into the field of broadcasting as a member Orientation Broadcasting Service in National Youth Service Corpse (NYSC) camp, darkingari, Kebbi State. He then got an opportunity to work as an OAP in a radio station in Birnin-kebbi, kebbi State where his talent as a dynamic broadcaster began to blossom. Jude is one of the OAPs with the most sought-after programmes on radio in Imo State media landscape.

11. Princessa Blessing Unegbu

Princessa Blessing Unegbu, Africa Ekwurekwu, as she is fondly called, is one of the most popular female OAPs in Owerri. The graduated of Imo State University, Owerri began her broadcast career as a presenter at Zanders FM before moving over to Hot 99.5 FM Owerri. She is loved by listeners who get excited by her jovial nature on air.

10. Esiri Grant – The Reach 104.9 FM

Esiri Grant, aka MC Ominimini, is one of the most vibrant OAPs in Owerri. The ace comedian who rose to prominence with his afternoon pigeon English phone-in programme at Zanders FM Radio before moving over to The Reach 104.9 FM Owerri. His programme, “Call with Ominimini”, is a unique one where listeners call in to apologize to their loved one in a special way. It airs 2-3pm, every week day. This programme has made Ominimini a household name especially among the youth in Owerri. He has very bright prospects in the broadcast industry with the way he is showing passion and dedication to his work.

9. Cosmos Chukwuemeka – Darling 107.3 FM

Cosmos Chukwuemeka is one of the most captivating sports programme presenters in Owerri. His presentation teqchniques excite the audience and make them enjoy listening to sports news. People who are not sports lovers definitely tune to Darling 107.3 FM Owerri to listen to Cosmos due to his audience-friendly and jovial presentation techniques that make sports stories sound very interesting. He is popularly known as “Cosmos the son of Chukwuemeka”, and the Puyaka Master. Cosmos is also called the sports evangelist. He Hosts Sports This Morning (7-7:30am), Sports Today (6-7pm) Weekdays & Total Football 6-7pm On Saturday. These are programmes that draw large number of audience members who stay engaged throughout the duration of the programmes due to the Sports Evangelist’s captivating presentation style.

8. Ujunwa Uzoma – Darling 107.3 FM

Ujunwa Laureta Uzoma, popularly known by her stage name, Radio Taata, is one of the most popular pidgin language radio presenters in Owerri. She is an OAP, pidgin news caster, program producer, and voice over artist. Ujunwa was born in Nduhu Duruewuru Amucha in Njaba local government area of Imo State. She had her primary education at Amucha Community Primary School and moved to Amucha Technical Secondary School for her Secondary Education. She studied Library and Information Science at Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. Ujunwa’s passion broadcasting saw her moving to Darling 107.3 FM Owerri in 2017 to begin a career in broadcasting. She worked as an Igbo female co-host in the Igbo department for one year as “Nwaada Igbo” before joining the pidgin department. She is currently one of the station’s female pidgin language programme presenter and the most engaging female pidgin language programme OAP in Owerri. Her programmes run on Mondays 2pm-4pm, Thursdays 2pm-4pm and Fridays 2pm-4pm. She is one sexy sultry OAP that cannot be ignored for her beauty, style and poise. Ujunwa has exquisite on-air and off-air personalities that make her the delight of fans.

7. Sunny Idika – Darling 107.3 FM

Sunny Idika is another very popular OAP in Imo State whose presentation skills attract many listeners to his programmes. This talented presenter popularly known as Mazi Nnaamen, hails from Amuke Ohafia Abia State. Sunny started his career in broadcasting when he recorded a song for a TV programme at NTA Aba. Awed by his talent, he was introduced to cast Pidgin news for about Two Years. In his adventurous spirit he left for Port Harcourt where he met Wenigha Jackson, AKA Family man, and joined his programme ‘Man Must Wak. Sunny has received so many awards both as a presenter and a stand-up comedian. He is one of the OAPs making Darling 107.3 FM one of the hottest stations in Imo State.

6. Celestine Ugwuanyi

Celestine Ugwuanyi, AKA, Solid C, is one of the most eclectic OAPs in Owerri with unwavering passion for his job. The soft spoken broadcaster is one of the best hands at Hot 99.5 FM where he is the station manager. Celestine is very popular in Imo State especially as the Anchor of a popular current affairs programme, Peoples Assembly, which airs from 8am to 9am every week day. He is an experienced hand in the business who knows how to adopt engaging and interactive presentation skills to keep the audiences glued to their radio sets whenever his programme is on.

5. Joyce Unegbu – Orient 94.4 FM

At number one is Joyce Unegbu. She is a steady & committed presenter of IBC Orient Fm and Tv stations. She’s from Mbaise. She’s the Director of Programmes in Orient Fm/Tv. Joyce is a household name in Imo state, especially among broadcast media audience. The programmes she anchor’s are ‘Reach Out’ which starts by 3:05 pm on Tuesdays, Talking Politics – Thursdays at 12:05 pm, Anniversary Hub – Saturday at 11 am, Take a Chance – Mondays at 3:05 pm, and Hello Ladies – Fridays at 3:05 pm. She studied communication arts at the University of Ibadan. She’s devoted to her work.

4. Solomon Onu – Hot 99.5 FM

Solomon Onu who is popularly known as Solo Mourinho is an active sports presenter in Hot Fm Owerri. He is from Ikeduru LGA in Imo state. He is dedicated to his sports programme which comes up on Mondays through Fridays at hours of 7:30am – 8am & 5:30pm – 6pm, then on Saturdays at 7:30am – 8:30am. He debateson sports activities and commentaries in order to reach his target audience. Solo Mourinho is easily the best sports presenter in the state and one of the best in the southeast zone. The intensity of his presentation style, passion for his job and vast knowledge of developing issues in the sports arena make him unique.

3. Jude Ajaero – Heartland 100.5 FM

Jude Ajaero is a veteran broadcast with Heartland FM Owerri. Popularly known by his stage name, Man of the Moment, Jude is a household name in Imo State whose captivating presentation skills endeared him to the heart of many listeners. He is one of the best hands in Radio Nigeria (Heartland FM) Owerri and his presence contributes immensely in lifting the rating of that station in the fiercely competitive broadcast media landscape in Imo State.

2. Zandas Okeke – Darling 107.3 FM

Zandas Okeke is one of the most experienced OAPs in the entire South Eastern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. This veteran broadcaster has put in over 20 years on the job as a radio broadcaster. He has particular expertise in politics, Election Reporting, government and political communication, new media, ethics and more recently on developmental issues. His impressive performance on the job has seen him rise to various positions, as Programme Manager, News Manager, and Station Manager. Along the line in his illustrious career, Zandas has carried out major Interviews with big wigs in the society among which are former Presidents of Ghana, Jerry Rowlings and John Kufuor, Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Afro beat maestro Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He has also interviewed numerous state governors, political leaders, captains of industries and heads of various organizations.

Zandas has also been honoured for his distinguishing performances. Among the honours and awards are Peace Ambassadors Radio Personality of the Year 2015 (for outstanding Broadcast of Programs etc.), Nigeria Union of Journalists Award as Radio Reporter of the year 2012 (for reporting Water Scarcity in Kpegi Community), and BBC Media Action bursary award for 2011 election coverage. His vast experience in the industry is an asset to Darling 107.3 FM Owerri where he works. When not focusing on his work, Zandas loves reading books and meeting new friends, traveling & listening to good music. He is an inspiration to many young Nigerians who wish to pursue a career in broadcasting.

1. Chinonso Uba – Ozisa 96.1 FM,  Owerri

Chinonso Uba popularly known by his stage name, Nonsonkwa, is a  native of Umunoha in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo state, South East Nigeria. A graduate of Imo state University, Chinonso is a musician, actor and scriptwriter who has four highlife albums and more than 15 nollywood movies to his credit. He is a corporate Master of Ceremony with over a decade experience in both local and international events. Chinonso is a radio broadcaster whose specialty in Igbo language stands him out among equals in the south east of Nigeria. He has won many awards which include The Best Igbo Presenter Award 2014. Chinonso is a free thinking entity, liberal minded, jovial and accommodating personality.

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