Monday , November 27 2023

Wahala! Nigerian Lady Whose Boy Friend has Stinking Mouth Laments She Does Not Know How to Tell Him


This may seem awkward but this lady needs advice and posted her frustration online.

A lady has cried out her frustration on how to handle her boyfriend of two years who has a foul smelling breath, gives narration of how she has handled it so far.

The lady revealed that her partner’s foul breath is causing a strain on their relationship, stating that she finds it difficult to kiss him.

She has since booked an appointment to a dentist for dental cleaning but there has been no difference in his breath.

The unnamed lady also stated that she has not confessed her frustration to her boyfriend and seeks a nice way to tell him to get help.

She made her problem known through a letter written to a relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin to seek a solution to the problem.

See screenshot of her post below:

Source: gistreel

View: If na you wetin you go do? Will you tell the boy and risk losing the relationship?

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  1. Just start a conversation with him like,

    Honey!”I noticed a problem that you might not be aware of. You have a problem with bad breath. This doesn’t change the fact that I think you are awesome. It’s just that if I had this problem, I would want someone to tell me.”..

    I don’t think there is any risk in saying it this way, so far say understanding dy am.

  2. ihe nke a , dikwa wosky.. but anyways no one wants to kiss someone who has stinky breath.

    is just for the girlfriend to start carrying around a package of gum and/or mints religiously. Pop a mint or piece of gum in your mouth every time you’re with him and always offer them up. Simply saying, “Want a mint? Are you sure?” might make him reconsider the smell of his breath on his own.

  3. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Mouth perform don come out ooh… it’s not a big deal..

  4. They are many cures for sure problems, just be patient with him and seek for help and also not forgetting God.

  5. well just try to start the conversation in the nicest way that you can, it might hurt him, but the earlier the better and since you still love him, leaving him is not an option for you so you need to help him fight this

  6. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    Mehn!!….this is a real handball in relationship…Baby I won’t blame you if you step down …2yrs,dentist,no change…are you thinking wot am thinking?

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