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16 Subtle Signs Your Boss Wants To Sleep With You

Signs your boss wants to sleep with you

Everyone wants their boss to like them and appreciate the work they are doing, But sometimes you find out that your Boss cares more about seeing you naked than seeing you do your job well. This also extends to the Media organizations as well. When we go to work, we are expected to do our job and not to sleep with our boss. But it depends on how you feel about your boss. Sometimes these advances are welcomed and other times they are not so you can either go for it or Stop it.

Whether these advances are welcomed or not, there are solid signs to know when your Boss wants to sleep with you if you work in the Nigerian media. Some of these signs are:

1) When you have a lot of ‘Private’ meetings: It is normal for your boss to have a private meeting with you if you work in the Nigeria Media, but when these meetings become too frequent and has nothing to do with work, he is into you.  Irrespective of how comfortable you are in these private meetings with your boss, too many private meetings that are not work related can mean that he wants to  go from Professional to Personal.

2) When they treat you differently: if you notice that your boss treats you differently compared to all other employees, it could mean he wants to sleep with you. He promoted you when you are still new to the company or when you are not as efficient as others in the organization, he wants to sleep with you. As a journalist, when you turn in bad stories but your boss fails to query you like he does to the other editorial staff, then he wants to sleep with you. If he provides you with extras when you don’t actually deserve them. When you go to cover an event with your colleague but he still acknowledges you more even when you didn’t do much work,  then ‘Yes’ he wants to get you in bed.

3) When your boss flirts with you: flirting is meant to build up sexual tension between two people and it is a huge sign of someone’s interest in you. Yes, your boss can be friendly to you, crack jokes at the office and be nice to you. But there is a difference between normal jokes and flirtatious jokes. When you notice this, it is a sign that your boss wants you in bed. Female journalists in Nigeria notice this a lot of times.

4 ) When he constantly asks you to work late: Even when other reporters have left the office but your boss on a regular basis insists that you work late, it could be a sign that he wants to sleep with you. So unless you are his personal assistant and it is truly your job description, then it is possible that he is creating more avenues to spend time with you. This could lead a female journalist in Nigeria to have sex with her boss.

5) When he constantly calls you on your cell phones: Of course, your boss needs to be able to reach you when you are not at work. But when this calls become too frequent especially at nights then he wants to sleep with you. When he is not calling late at night, note whether his calls and text messages are really pressing or if he is using this opportunity to chat with you outside of work.

6) If he buys you gifts constantly: In a media organization, your boss can give you gifts maybe during the holidays or bring the members of the editorial staff Souvenirs from events, that’s acceptable. But when he constantly gives you gifts and asks you to be discreet about it, it is a move in the Sleazy Boss playbook.





7) When they get a little too close: Your boss wants to read a story you wrote or supervise any work you have done maybe on your computer but you notice that he leans on your desk, in the process touch you, graze your arm or speak into your ear.  This is a sign he is moving from the professional to the personal and sleeping with you could be his goal.

8) Strong eye contact: Eye contact is another sign your boss wants to sleep with you. A female journalist in Nigeria could find her editor or any other boss showing off this sign. People can look at each other and maintain eye contact when speaking to one another, but if your boss stares at you and maintain a prolonged eye contact, it is a huge alert and shows desire to connect with you on a personal level.

9) When he laughs at everything you say: When you are the funniest person to your boss even when you say things that are not funny. Laughter is a huge sign of physical attraction.

10) When your opinion matters more: When your boss is always letting you have the final say on what is published even when you are not the editor or when there are people more efficient than you are.  They always come to you first for your opinion because they want to please you and it could be about work or even something more personal like the colour of his  shirt and what to eat and drink.

11) When you spend time together outside of the office with your boss regularly: It is normal for co-workers to grab lunch or drink coffee together. But it is not as common for bosses to hang out with an employee always outside of work time. If your boss enters into your personal time outside of the office, it is a sign that he/she is interested in something more than work.

12) Compliments: When your boss is always complimenting you, especially when it has nothing to do with work. It could be your clothes, shoe, hair, etc. When these compliments start to get inappropriate, it could be that your boss wants to sleep with you.  When he starts saying: Wow! You look so gorgeous in that dress and I know your Man or your woman will love it. It could be a sign that he wants to sleep with you. The female Nigerian journalist should watch out for this sign from her editor.

13) When your personal life concerns him ‘too much’: When your personal life piques his interest a lot, it could be a sign that he wants to sleep with you. He likes to talk about you all the time and always wants to know things about you all the time. It is a sign that he is moving from the Professional to the personal level.

14) Body Language: Another way to know that your Boss wants you is bed is by monitoring his Body language. If he is addressing other editorial staff In the organization but stared lovingly at you or he gaze lingers a little longer than normal, it is a sign that he wants you in bed. When you notice that he looks at you and licks his lips all the time, it is a Sign. His body language becomes sensual when he wants to get you in bed. He tries to touch you at any given opportunity, shakes your hand and holds on a little longer than normal. This is a sign he wants you in bed.

15) When he shares his thoughts and opinions with you constantly: If you notice that your boss is always sharing his opinion and thoughts with you, all the time he even shared secrets related to his marriage or relationship to you. Constantly ask your opinion on Sexual topics, then he wants to sleep with you.

16) When he defends you at work ‘a lot’: Even when you turn in bad stories or when your colleagues complain about how difficult it is to work with you, he still defends you, knowing that you are not efficient, he talks about you to his superior, this could be a sign that he wants you in Bed.

Written by Teniola Egbuwalo

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