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13 important qualities Toke Makinwa’s next husband should have for a long lasting marriage

Toke Makinwa is a high-profile celebrity in Nigeria. She is undoubtedly one of the most controversial social media personalities in the country.  Born on the 3rd of November 1984, the University of Lagos graduate shot into limelight after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night”. She is known to be a very vocal celeb that is never shy from making statements that are sometimes termed controversial. She is also making waves through her Vlog, Toke Moments, though most of her controversial comments on relationship first emanate from vlog.

One aspect of Toke’s past which almost all her fans and other individuals in Nigeria and beyond are aware of is her failed marriage to Maje Ayida, a fitness health instructor. She married Maje on the 15th of January 2014 after they had dated for eight years. The marriage crashed after just three years, following series of allegations of infidelity against him. Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

But guess what, Toke is ready to give marriage another chance. She has said on different occasions that she was willing to give marriage a second chance, though she was quick to add that she wasn’t afraid to remain single anyway. She made it categorically clear that she would quickly leave her next marriage if she discovered she was unhappy.

This is what her next man should ensure will never happen if he wants a lasting marriage. So here’s a list of top qualities that qualify any man to last long as Toke Makinwa’s husband. Anyone who loves this Instagram queen and wants to consider the idea of taking Toke to the altar should read this piece carefully.

13 important qualities Toke Makinwa’s next husband should have for a long lasting marriage


1. A man who can cook

Toke has said she hates cooking because the idea of entering the kitchen to do so disgusts her. She then added that her future husband should take note of that. So if you intend to marry her and you did not take serious note of that then you’re not her future husband she was spiritually referring to.

2. A man who can tolerate a social media personality as a wife

Not every man would want their wives to be very active on social media with thousands of followers waiting for her to just cough so they could react and watch her trend. To marry Toke you have to understand that fact. She has a lot of fans and keeping them excited and happy is what gives her joy. Don’t even look into that aspect of her life if you don’t want her to leave the marriage the next day.

3. A man who can share his wife with sex toys

As I said earlier, if you’re planning to marry Toke and you are not a good note taker then forget it. For your information she currently has three sex toys which she recently advised every woman to have. Just watch the edition of her Vlog where she described the three sex toys and closely observe the passion with which she talked about the first one. Then you understand why you shouldn’t attempt to stop that aspect of her sex life at all.

4. A man who can love a hodophile

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing negative about that word at all. A hodophile is someone who loves to travel. Toke loves this a lot. You can actually keep her feelings for you fresh always if you’re roadie too or you make out time to take vacations to the most exciting places in the world with her. She once called on travel agencies to sponsor her and a few of her friends to a fun-filled foreign trip. The best thing for you to do is not to think of how to discourage her from foreign trips but to find out the cities across the world she would love to visit and keep surprising her with flight tickets to such places from time to time. Chances are that your marriage with her will last this time.

5. A man who loves a wife with fashion sense

One thing everyone knows is that Toke doesn’t joke with her looks, especially what she wears. Some men might get pissed off by the fact that their wives keep going for new clothes even when the ones they have are not getting ‘game time’. The best you can do is make sure you have enough space for her clothes in your home and keep complimenting her beautiful outfits. But make sure you tell her the truth about what she wears because if she finds out you lied she might leave the marriage the next day.

6. A man who would have power-sharing agreement with his wife as part of wedding agreement

This is a very important quality Toke’s husband must have. She is an advocate for female independence. She needs space to express herself the way she wants. Once you adopt the macho approach to marriage and she feels the space is becoming too tight for her to express her feelings, you might answer an ex-husband the next day. Power sharing agreement here refers to understanding your limits in the marriage, especially with Toke as your wife. It simply means extra tolerance when dealing with her as your wife.

7. A man that can tolerate an independent wife

This is related to power-sharing agreement. Toke loves being independent. Also, having gone through an unsuccessful marriage she is not ready to trade her independence for anything again. You must take note of that for your wedding to last.

8. Probably a full-time or part-time Marlian

You should know that she has a thing for Marlians, or so it seems, based on the fact that she went viral the day she danced Naira Marley’s Soapy during her birthday party in November 2019. Naira Marley himself was even life at the event. To have a long lasting marriage with Toke, you might not be a Marlian but you may have to show some sympathy for Marlians. So if you return from work one evening and see her dancing Soapy in the Kitchen you smile and walk away, praying she doesn’t call you to join her.

9. Definitely not an introvert

Toke is someone who always has people around her both on and off line. She always mingles with friends by nature or by profession. So if you’re reserved and you don’t always like people around your wife probably because you you’re not the going-out-and-having-fun type, then don’t even approach her for marriage; except there’s something huge you want to achieve as an ex-husband to a celebrity.

10. A man with impressive sex record

You should know Toke’s history with comments about sex and relationship. To make her share you with sex toys or even give up those joy sticks for you, you might have to take special online courses on how to be a pro in bed. Toke is a sex therapist or so it seems. At least, everyone knows she is a relationship counselor as she expresses through her Vlog. Sex therapy is a part of her relationship counseling and to impress a sex therapist in bed might require the extra mile. Let it not be heard that your marriage crashed because you’re a ‘few seconds man’ or you lack the requisite skills to keep Toke aflame for as long as she wants.

11. A philanthropist or a man who loves philanthropists

One major positive Toke is known for is her large heart in terms of empowering people and regular cash give-aways to fans. You may not be aware that she launched an empowerment programme in 2017 called #OnBecomingEmpowered when she gifted N3.5 million to four fans who had great business ideas. You have to support the philanthropic aspect of her to keep the marriage longer than the public expect.

12. A man who wouldn’t mind a wife with heavy makeup  

As pointed out earlier, Toke does not joke with her looks. This includes dresses and jewelry. She loves looking gorgeous and exquisite. That is what instagram queens are known for. Her fans know and love the way she always looks flashy on social media. So if you eventually marry her, you alone will get to find out what she looks like without a makeup. You have no option but to choose between living with that or answering an ex husband as early as the next morning.

13. A man that encourages her creativity

Despite all the controversies she is known for, Toke is very creative and is always on the lookout for next level opportunities. She is among the smartest female celebrities you would find in Nigeria, though many underestimate that aspect of her. For someone who has written a best-selling memoire, and has hand bag and body care brands selling well in the market, it means Toke is always upwardly mobile in the sphere of creativity. If you always encourage this creative and talented aspect of her, chances are that your marriage might not crash immediately (at least not because of this factor).


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