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12 positives about Toke Makinwa no one will tell you

When you hear the name, Toke Makinwa, the first thoughts about this media personality that may pop up are most likely the controversial comments and trends she made on social media. Toke is undoubtedly one of the most controversial social media celebrities in Nigeria.  She is a famous On-Air Personality (OAP) whose off-radio comments have generated serious traffic for numerous blogs in Nigeria. But do you know that there are positives about this social media influencer, entrepreneur and captivating OAP that people hardly talk about?

Born on the 3rd of November 1984, the University of Lagos graduate shot into limelight after the premiere of her late night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night”. She is known to be a very vocal celeb that is never shy from making statements that are sometimes termed controversial. She has huge media presence especially due to her social media comments and appearance of her beautiful face on major magazines such as Complete Fashion Magazine, City People, ThisDay Style, Exquisite Magazine, among others. She is also making waves through her Vlog, Toke Moments, though most of her controversial comments on relationship first emanate from vlog.

Well, there are flashpoints in Toke’s life which will quickly give you a picture of where she is coming from, where she has been, where she is headed or why she is taking the path she is presently following. Though this popular Vloger and media personality revealed most of the facts about her life in her book, On Becoming, which she published in 2016, there are still few facts about Toke that will stun you. You can see 30 solid facts about Toke Makinwa that will tell you about her life which published earlier.

Our focus here is on the positive things about her life likely impacting positively on people’s lives which the media hardly emphasize. You may not know that Toke is directly or indirectly influencing lives through her works and stories because the focus of the social media community is on the controversial aspects of her actions and comments which often trend like wild fire. Here are positives about Toke Makinwa you may not know.

Positives about Toke Makinwa you may not know

1. She is an entrepreneur

This might seem ordinary but for someone to own a successful hand bag line and skincare is no small achievement at all. Hate her or love her, she is a personality that will always be valued by any serious country which realizes the relevance of entrepreneurs in ensuring economic growth. Her handbag line was launched in 2017 under her label, Toke Makinwa Luxury. Her skincare product called Glow by TM was launched in 2018.

2. She is a motivator

Her activities as an entrepreneur who owns a fashion brand, a talented OAP, an engaging vloger, and an author are among traits that motivate her young fans. When some people read such stories about her they feel energized and empowered to go the extra mile to also succeed against odds. Toke is not just a motivator but an inspiration to several young girls and ladies in Nigeria. The look at her story and feel an innate hope that drives them through trying times, insisting on ending up successful just like she did.

3. She was a guest speaker at Africa Business Conference 2020

Toke was invited to speak at the 22nd annual Africa business conference 2020 at Harvard Business School which held February 14 – 15, 2020. She spoke on the theme ‘Culture, media and influence: Reshaping the narrative.’ This is no mean feat at all. For someone who is largely seen from the controversial comments she makes on social media, this is really an impressive recognition her positive contributions to the society. If you do not recognize that speaking at the annual Africa business conference is a huge reflection of Toke’s positive impact as a media personality and entrepreneur in Africa, it means you are apparently among thousands of people that are underestimating her.

4. She is one the best female OAPs in Nigeria

This is one fact many people do not dispute, no matter how controversial they think Toke is. She has also received recognitions in terms of awards for doing a good job as programme anchor on radio and television. Toke’s night radio show, “Rhythms of the Night” has a huge audience base due to her captivating presentation techniques that the audience find excitingly engaging.

3. She has set a lot ladies free from marital slavery

This sounds a bit controversial but don’t forget that as Toke thrives in controversies, she also makes positive impact through such means. She keeps saying she is not asking people to leave their marriages but to break off from such relationships once they become slaves to it.

According to her, though tolerance is important in marriage, there should be a limit to which a woman should accommodate a man’s excesses, which is why she would dump her next marriage if she is unhappy in it.

“If tolerating bull shit is what you guys call happy marriage, please count me out. I am not afraid of being alone. If I give it another chance and I am unhappy I will leave again. Call me crazy or whatever but I am not your average and I will always choose me first. Yes! Tolerance is prime shouldn’t mean there should be no limit to the bull shit one should take. If you men really love the tolerance of our mothers I suggest that you all go marry them and God forbid our daughters end up like us or our mothers. A woman unafraid of walking alone is a dangerous one, her level of freedom will intimidate many but will also inspire the right energy, she is clothed in strength and dignity,” she said.

You may never know those who covertly or overtly heeded this advice and broke loose and free from nightmarish relationships. So you see, it’s not all negative. There are positive angles to Toke’s controversial comments and trends.

6. She is a talented Vloger

You can ask those who watch her vlog; they will definitely tell you it has captivating contents. Despite the fact that most of her controversial comments emanate from there, the vlog, Toke Moments, has interesting contents.

7. She is a gifted compere

She is one talented Master of Ceremony you would love to have in an event, especially when there is an international colouration to it. This is probably why she has co-hosted a number of events among which are the 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant in 2010, the 2013 Future and City People Awards, as well as the 2014 Headies Awards.

8. She is a successful author

Not many people write novels or any book and get noticed. Toke’s memoire, On Becoming, is one of the most controversial books published by a celebrity in Nigeria. It also received impressive attention in the society with good sales to her credit. For her to sit down and write a book means there’s a talent and creative beast in her yet to be fully unleashed. It means she is not your ordinary Nigerian celebrity. She is more creative, talented, and gifted than she is seen to be. That’s probably she says people are underestimating her.

9. She is a gifted sex therapist

This is definitely a positive that many wouldn’t want to give her credit for. Most of her comments on sex and relationship are seen as controversial. They trend as one of those unguarded comments by Toke. But if you carry out a secret poll you might be stunned by the number of people that heed her advice on sex and get better sexual satisfaction. She is known to be a very vocal celeb that is never shy from making statements on issues that other celebs may shy away from. When she drops such controversial comments on sex on any of her social media platforms with thousands of followers, what people do not see are several persons who benefit from such comments as special advice that save their sex life.

10. She is a fashion therapist

Unknown to many, Toke’s fashion sense is actually a guide to many women who love adorning fitting and gorgeously simple styles she always shows off in the numerous photos on her social media platforms. This might seem ordinary but it is to tell you that she is not all about controversies; that people learn a lot from her style, looks, and even carriage. People watch what she wears, how she combines colours in her total outlook and attempt to model their fashion life after hers. This is a positive no one will tell you.

11. She is a boredom killer

If not, why do thousands of people hang by her window waiting for her to just cough so they could start reacting in thousands, making her trend immediately? Toke keeps a lot of people happy and excited with her comments. This is a positive you can’t take away from her. You might say that is what every celeb is known for. Not all of them get this level of attention from the audience. People know there’s no dull moment with Toke that’s why thousands hang around her, on and off air.

12. She is a philanthropist

This is an aspect of many celebrities lives fans easily forget except they keep giving out cash on a daily basis. No one will tell you that Toke is a philanthropist who once empowered four of her fans and followers on social media with the sum of N3 million. That was back in 2017 when she launched her empowerment programme called OnBecomingEmpowered. Oh you never knew she had an empowerment programme! Well, she did and she gifted a total of three N3 million to four fans back then. She said it was her way of giving back to the society. That was just one in the numerous philanthropic activities of this media personality which keeps endearing her to the heart of fans. She made that promise in August, 2017 and fulfilled it in December of that same year. She actually ended up giving out N3.5 million, as against the N3 million she had earlier promised. Four fans who were selected as having the greatest of all business ideas presented, got the gifts. This is outside the numerous give-aways she does on her social media platforms to keep fans happy.

Forget the aspect of controversies for a moment; if you know the number of young girls and ladies who see Toke as their role model you will only be stunned if you’re among those she says are underestimating her. If she actually allowed it some of them will worship her as a tin god. They have their reasons. The ones mentioned here are among such reasons. So when next you’re telling a story about Toke Makinwa, after mentioning her controversial comments and trends, do well to point out these positives about her too.



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