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11 Reasons why Living in the Hostel is the best for Female Students

Beautiful rooms in COOU female hostel where you should stay

Students want the best for themselves whenever they gain admission into a tertiary institution. Some schools give you the option of staying in the Hostel or paying for accommodation off campus. A research group known as did a study and found 11 solid reasons why you should choose to stay in school hostel, especially as a female student.

  1. Good Facilities

There is no disputing the fact that you have constant water and electric power supply in the school hostel. At least the situation is relatively far better than staying off campus where you get accommodation in a building that may not have source of water or constant power supply. Most times you use your money to get these facilities off campus. You could be lucky to get a room in a building that has Generator and borehole but you pay heavily for such facilities.

  1. Communal relationship

People live as one family in the hostel. Those that stay in the same room or even the same floor with you will always look out for you and watch your back. The entire hostel occupants work as one in maintaining facilities, ensuring environmental sanitation and keeping the atmosphere conducive for habitation.

  1. Good Academic Culture

Living in the hostel helps you develop reading culture. You always go to class to read especially as inspired by others around you. The hostel is always within the school premises so you can easily walk to class and read for as long as you wish. Students also study together and engage in group discussions. They are not in a hurry to rush back home like those staying off campus.

  1. Well Planned Rooms
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The rooms in hostels are well planned and designed to accommodate a student with well built wardrobes, kitchenette, desk room and seat-out for relaxation. Some off campus lodges are built as if prisoners are expected to stay in the rooms. Such rooms are very small without any consideration for the student’s other property necessary for studies (no meaningful space for table, seat, lockers and all that). The discomfort is often high in most off-campus lodges.

  1. Morality and Decency

Girls who stay in the hostels are known for maintaining high morals. You hardly find anyone who sneaks out at night to go into town for midnight runs or to cohabit off campus with opposite sex. Students in the hostels are discouraged from indulging in such indecent and immoral activities because the hostel is within the school premises and the lifestyle in the hostel is homely and communal. No one wants her bed to be empty at night so this discourages off campus or night runs.

  1. Spirituality

Students in the hostel maintain a spiritual life through such activities as daily hostel prayers and regular attendance to campus fellowships. Because the hostel is within the school premises, hostel girls dominate attendance to campus fellowships and this marks them out as most morally and spiritually sound students on campus.

  1. Sporting Facilities and Healthy Living

Proximity of the hostels to school facilities means that students in the hostel have the opportunity to live healthy by going to the field keep fit and make use of other sporting facilities on campus. Off campus students may get discouraged when they consider the money they will spend to transport themselves to school just to engage in sporting activities. Most times you find girls jugging early in the morning within the campus but this may be difficult to do off campus when the risk of coming out to jug early in the morning is considered.

  1. Security
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The high level of security on campus cannot be compared to what obtains off campus. Female students in the hostel are always free to walk to class to read and return to the hostel at any time they wish, even when it is too late. The campus security outfit is always on alert within the school premises.

  1. Unlimited Privacy

Female hostels have rules. Boys cannot go into the hostels at specific times. You enjoy your privacy in the hostel more than those residing off campus.

  1. Quick Response from University management on facility development

Because the hostels are owned by the university, management pays prompt attention to facility development and repairs in the hostels making sure that it is always conducive for habitation. When for instance, a toilet facility breaks down or the roof is leaking during rainy season, the university authorities swing into action when notified. Hostels are even upgraded and repainted from time to time. But some off-campus lodges are owned by “Shylock” landlords whose only interest is how to collect rent from students without minding the decay in facilities.

  1. Early marriage

This is one of the minor findings by the research group. Because of the highly moral nature of female students living in the hostel, reports say that most of these girls marry early after graduation or get engaged (or spoken for) while in school). This, according to the study, is because when men outside hear that a female student lived in the hostel throughout her stay in school, it paints a picture of decency, humility, homeliness and in some cases, holiness about that girl. So men rush for them either while they are still in school or shortly after graduation.

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These are facts compiled by the research group called after about two months of intensive study. You are free to add to these or disagree with any of the facts.



CBN Hostels in COOU

About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. nwankwo chinaza blessing

    i disagree with the fact of early marriage,where a girl is living doesnt determine if she’s decent or not but the character she portrays determins.
    quiz no :12

  2. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    i disagree with the fact of morality and decency,girls in the hostel are answerable to no one on their where about therefore a girl in the hostel can leave the hostel and come back any day,just like the off campus girls.
    quiz no:150

  3. yes i agree with those point..
    quiz no 158

  4. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    I think this is a very good reasons. Good write up. But still thanking God for my lodge am living now, water everywhere both security. Keep it up guys.

  5. the hostel is beautiful but it will be difficut for someone that is not social to live in the hostel .

  6. i wish all This things are in This chukwuemeka odumegwu Ojukwu university some people will be Happy especially The girls

  7. Nice pictures, but it would have been nice if we are shown how the CBN toilet looks like now. Information has it that the toilets are terrible now, they would make you wonder if the toilet had existed many years before the building. *This is a secret doc., you didn’t hear this from me. 🙂

  8. Living in the hostel is not a bad idea at all.. will still advice girls especially to stay in the hostel,for security reasons

  9. life in the hostel is the best,students are well secured,
    quiz no:94,group no:6

  10. living in the school hostel is good and conducive,especially the CBN comfortable,security tight and conducive for reading

  11. I totally agree to this.

    The reasons above are true.

    Good security especially for the females
    Unlimited privacy too.

    Quiz no 73

    Group 4




      s awaiting moderation.


    s awaiting moderation.

  14. I totally concur with the points but I disagree a little with the early marriage,living in the hostel cannot and doesn’t guarantee an early marriage.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  15. it’s all mentioned,and it is highly advisable for girls to live in hostels because it helps a lot especially more on these mentioned reasons.. (2016054129)

  16. Beautiful reasons

    They are indeed true.

    Group 2

  17. Thats correct, especially number 2. I do stay in hostel, xo i can testify to all these written except number four.
    Quiz no:156

  18. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    hostel is good for the female students because it saves them from alot of troubles,and also help them to interact with people and learn different characters to be able to handle people they meet outside or any man they endup getting married to tomorrow,hostel helps students also because it save them the stress of paying for transport from lodges to school.

    quiz no*18

  19. ojukwu Ogochukwu

    Thank God for given us such environment at coou,and there’s a saying cleanliness is next to godliness

  20. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Living in the hostel is an opportunity for students to cooperate,be friendly and learn a whole lot of good things. All this can only be achieved in a comfortable and conducive hostel like the one we have in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University.
    Quiz no :127
    Group 13

  21. ojukwu Ogochukwu

    Thank God for given us such environment at coou,and there’s a saying cleanliness is next to godliness igboanugo vanessa

  22. ojukwu Ogochukwu

    woaw so flabagastered by this…thank God for dis great citadel of learning…great coou ojukwu Ogochukwu

  23. Very nice research, this facts are realistic.

  24. Indeed living in the hostel is the best for female students but still all these reasons also apply to off campus lodges although not all.And to some people who have lived in the hostel throughout their secondary school may not find it interesting to live in it again.Everybody has his own taste.Living outside school is also good.Quiz ni(71)

  25. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (37)

    Coou hostels have been made very comfortable for living. After seeing all these advantages, what else can one look for?

  26. i really concur. hostel is the best place a student should be because things that a student should know and should not know will be known at the hostel
    quiz number 64
    group number 6

  27. Most of the reasons listed on why students should live in the hostel is true,but that of making a student decent because she stays in the hostel is not true,lots of students that stay in the hostel are ‘runs babe’ the reason is that they don’t want to be seen by people who know them so they tend to hide themselves their.
    Quiz no: 72
    Group 1

  28. It nice to stay in the hostel because the facility is okay and you would won’t feel lazy to attend lecture and sometimes it helps reduce the movement of students.
    Quiz no. 116

  29. well i agree with the part that says students can cultivate reading skills by staying in the hostel as well others but in the case of morality and decency,this depends on individuals as far as am concerned,a student staying off campus can have a good moral as well and not all students in the hostel have decency. Early marriage?i don’t agree with this o
    Group 8
    Quiz number 97

  30. I totally agree with this. living in the hostel is also less stressful than any other option. But It is unfortunate that students don’t buy this idea because they feel that it will not give them enough freedom as they would like. (107)

  31. indeed the hostel is the best place for every student to live.Staying in the hostel gives you a feeling of being part of the school system.
    Reg No:2016054018
    Quiz No:83
    Group :5

  32. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    It’s actually nice tho the above reasons re valid for choosing the hostel the issue of security is the best and valid importance of hostels to girls
    Quiz number 108
    Group number 3

  33. exactly…it helps in shaping life of a female student.

  34. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Female student should take caution.

  35. Obiuwa blessing chinweoge

    Waooo being in the hostel is good in a way because it has so many basic amenities as a female student you stand a chance to enjoy it though but to be realistic ‘ we also are been prone to so many disadvantages like disease from sharing the same toilet and stuffs like that. Quizno;25

  36. school hostel might be the best for others but not for me …….
    quiz no(06)

  37. Chineze Kate Ozobia

    Good one though.01

  38. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    In terms of security girls staying in hostel have sufficient security protection more than the girls staying off camp.
    I disagree in terms of early marriage because some girls are not the way people think they are,they pretend to be what they are not.
    Quiz no. 125

  39. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    In terms of security girls staying in hostel have sufficient security protection more than the girls staying off camp.
    I disagree in terms of early marriage because some girls are not the way people think they are,they pretend to be what they are not.
    Quiz no. 125

  40. Moses Sunday ogbu

    I disagree with number(9) which is unlimited privacy: there is no privacy where 4-8 students are living in a room, some of sluggish students in most campuses hostel wash something like plate, clothes in the same hostel they are sleeping while any off-campus that tried that will be in the danger alone without being reflect on other students. because of things like that I prefer off-campus. group5. quiz No. 88

  41. Okeke Ezinne.c

    Life in the hostel is quiet fun. In the hostel you have roommate who will help you develop a good reading habit.
    Quiz no 35

  42. Not everybody likes to stay in the me i live off campus due to i love my own privacy and is not healthy for my health because my body is sentive I don’t like sharing things with people.

  43. Awesome,it is a best decision for female students to leave in school hostel , because the benefits in some aspects,like good security, academic culture,nd power supply.
    so it is a best idea Nd nice decision.

  44. chikaogwu Chioma

    It is true that the hostel environment is secured and some other attractive facilities but some roommates in the hostel are just too troublesome and sometimes they make you feel like running away… secondly they tend to mess up the toilet and bathroom because not everyone can be clean and not everyone knows that as a girl your environment is meant to be clean especially your toilet environment…

  45. The best thing ever that can happen to any Student on campus is Staying in the School hostel, not just females but males too

  46. obidigbo ifeoma Christabel

    Yes this is the fact but I disagree with the fact “morality and decency” in the campus,because it the hostel girls that mostly get involve in runs, once it’s 8pm come to the school gate and u will see cars trooping in and out with girls from the hostel and the case of indecent dressing is also found more in them, because they don’t come in from the gate so there is no one to send them back, in that case they wear ever pleases them to class.

  47. Anene Ejiofor Emmanuel

    its good to stay in the hostel,am coming next year.

  48. All said are indeed true

    I agree to these reasons stated above.

    Quiz no 89
    Group 11

  49. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Indeed living in the hostel is beneficial because students who live there are well secured and have all the basic facilities needed to enhance their performance in their academics unlike people staying off campus.Quiz no:76.

  50. Chidume happiness. C.

    Staying in the hostel is the best so far, they always have constant water, light, good facilities and so many other things, reading chair, night reading. No wasting of daily transport like those that are staying off campus. They have maximum security around them them, so staying in hostel is more beneficial. Quiz no 102.

  51. These reasons stated here are very true. Also staying in the hostel is fun, never is there a dull moment in the hostel. Hostel life rocks!!!!!

  52. Muotolum victoria

    I solidly disagree with the Hypothesis group on No 5..
    come to think of it, why do students who stay off campus being regarded as immoral and indecent???.. is that because they have more freedom than those living in hostels.. or rather because they love their privacy?
    Anybody can choose to be a runs girl or not.. it’s just a matter of self discipline and good home moral..
    Most atimes, students who stay in hostels are seen roaming about from one lodge to another seeking for a place to stay in order to attend a party outside school or even an appointment with someone..
    Some of them, when they are being asked why he/she isn’t in the hostel?? they give you a reply that shows how feed up they are living in hostels due to certain regulations and restrictions.. some even pay for a room outside school without the notice of their parents and then use hostel as a cover up or camouflage whenever their parents comes to visit them……..
    However, I do not dispute the fact that some students who live in hostels are disciplined. All am saying is this, if a hostel student can be self preserved and disciplined, then why can’t students living off campus do the same?? Individual differences matters a lot so I believe we all are matured enough to decide what’s good and what’s bad for us…
    whether Hostel or Off campus, what will be will be… Simple!!!!!

  53. The following reasons why girls live in the hostel are very true and infact the points made really happens and should be the best reason why other girls staying off campus should come over to the hostel without hesitation.
    Quiz no:103

  54. ojimba ogochukwu o.

    I will love to stay in the hostel, but I wan to ask how will one get early marriage in the hostel?

  55. this is absolutely correct. I solidly agree with this because I can testify it. living in the school hostel in summary keeps you closer to school and your academics. group 3.quiz num81.2016054035

  56. No, who said so that hostel is the best place to live especially the females I personal disagree with, the most dirty place in the school is hostel,even noise ,hostel is the only place that one will be reading ,others will start shouting as if something terrible has happen just to disturb the one reading. na off campus is the best

  57. Arinze obiageli peyson

    Reg no:2016054110
    Quiz no:50

    Nice one. Living in the school hostel is preferable than off campus especially for female. And all those reasons mentioned above is true that is why you hardly see vacancies in the hostel rooms. Who no like better thing.

  58. nwangene. onyema

    living in the hostel is fun and much better as everything is right there for you, there light, you can not feel lonely as you would always have roommates to discuss with and it is very comfortable for reading…. life in the hostel is the best!

  59. Egbulem Assumpta

    yes .leaving in the hostel is the best

  60. Egbulem Assumpta

    yes. leaving in the hostel is the best (2015054138)

  61. chisom Janefrances

    I disagree at no5: which says morality and indecent dressing because mostly female hostel is exactly where you wil see a student wearing naked clothes all in the name of fashion. I have see them mostly in my school
    even if they are 100% over 98% of them do dress indecent.

  62. Egbulem Assumpta

    hostel girls don’t have time for school marriage like those leaving off campus (2015054010)

  63. nwangene. onyema

    living in the hostel is fun and much better as everything is right there for you, constant light, you can never have that lonely feeling as you would always have roommates. to talk with and it’s very comfortable for reading. life in the hostel is the best.

  64. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    I agree with the points listed above, though I stay off camp., but I think living in the hostel will help shapen your life style as regards to No. 5 and 6 reasons.

  65. Egbulem Assumpta

    most times best students come from hostel (2015054129)

  66. living in the hostel is simply the best for girls because there is high level of security in the campus ,they wouldn’t fall victim of rape as people that lives off campus experience
    group 2
    quiz no 139

  67. Yeah!…All the quoted reasons above by might be true but it does not mean that those living off campus are equally bad. There is an adage that says;”the advice given to oneself is the best you can do for yourself”. Therefore living off campus requires a sense of maturity and self discipline, I assure you that it will even bring out more qualities and experiences to oneself

  68. nwangene. onyema

    living in the hostel is best as there is constant power supply and one can never feel lonely as she would always have someone to talk to ( her roommates). And it’s always calm for someone to sstudy
    reg number.

  69. Well l can say that staying in the hostel has its own beneficial aspects, in the case of security, constant water supply, electricity and so other good things. So hostel could be very beneficial in these aspects to be compared to off campus students

  70. there is absolutely nothing to arguy about because is all the facts,most of the students living off camp most times come to sqad with friends because of fan blowing heat out of them after coming from a hot lecture in ETF,why dont there go straight to their lodge?some students even come from village one for T.D.B and retire back the next morning hmmmmm,some even come to buy some foodstuffs in the popular storewoman mama chidera that it seems cheaper inside the school,many come to charge their phone,touch light,laptops,etc.some come to buy cool purewater and drinks,the most important is to learn alots of different and various characters as far as hostel is concern th good,bad,ugly once.

  71. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    living in a hostel is good for female students especially in terms of security.The school management will always make sure that you are well protected that’s why I love living in the school hostel and your reading habit will also improved. One bad thing about living in school hostel is that there is nothing like privacy.Students sometimes steal what doesn’t belong to her when nobody is around in the room.

  72. udechukwu chiamaka

    nice one inlove with this CBN hotels

  73. True reasons but I disagree with number 5..they are just few that practice that…

  74. True though but I disagree with the 5th reason
    They are just few that practice that

  75. I can only agree with 1,3 and 10 others are no for me
    They only attract students to come and live there but things are not actually like that

  76. There is absolutely nothing to argue about because all the facts are on point.most of the students off-campus most times come to squad with friends because of the free air from the powerful power supply from the blowing fan blowing out heat after trekking on the hot sun from ETF,why dont there go straight to their lodges?some students even come from village onetobuy one or two from the popular mama chidera that it seems cheaper,some even come for T.D.B and retire back the next morning,even cometo charge phone,touch,laptop etc.come to buy cool water drinks.the most important tk learn different characters both the good,bad,,ugly once.there are vital reasons to live in the hostel

  77. Ifediniru chidike

    true,though not all who live in the hostel has that spirit of communal living, humble heart,decency,homely nature as painted.some bad ones are within too.
    Ifediniru chidike
    group 1
    quiz no:148

  78. Nwachukwu Nkiruka

    Hostel life is really a favourable thing to any body that’s live there because he/she will find enough time at his disposal to study hard

  79. Ifejika Celestine

    All this are correct, but that of spirituality is not accepted by me because most of the hostel girls are nothing to write home about. Even if you bring fellowship to their rooms, the bad ones will still be bad.

    Name: Ifejika Celestine
    group: 2
    quiz no: 149

  80. most students prefer staying in hostels because of the reasons mentioned above, but I disagree with the spiritual aspect, most of the girls wear their cloak of pretence when they are in the midst of others, they may act holy during the prayers but outside they have a whole new character.

  81. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is serious!!! but some times some girls misuse this opportunities, they misbehave so

  82. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is serious!!! but some times some girls misuse this opportunities, they misbehave so much that there parents will begin to imagine if this is why they sent them to school.

  83. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    This is serious!!! but some times some girls misuse this opportunities, they misbehave so much that there parents will begin to imagine if this is why they sent them to school.(Group 1)2016054141

  84. l agree with the above, but the spirituality, I disagree because even those living off campus, are also spiritual. And they also live like a family.

  85. Hostel is worth living place with alot of advantages and disadvantages. most of the advantages are listed above but without disadvantage. of cause in this life,there’s no good thing without disadvantage. Hostel is just 50% safe in the aspect of security. the security does nothing but to guide the school (hostel) against any negative alert.they don’t take time to watch whats going on in the hostel.its good students are exposed to the outside world so to have more life experience.they won’t keep having roommates all through their hostel students re easily influenced negatively and positively through their environment, hostel there is no privacy.either their re six students in one room or more than.but off camp you re free to leave in your own apartment which was rented to you by your parents, in off camp students get to go out and have fun e.g buying of evening fries,roasted corns,roasted meats etc. but in hostel nothing like that. instead you find these students trying to sneak out to have such opportunity which sometimes make then get involved with what they re not supposed to do.but off camp they don’t bother themselves struggling to go out because they re always around the fast food or the stores were they buy the fries and hostels students not given opportunity to going out make them get involve in all this gay practices, lesbianism and others so its good they re exposed to the World rather than been secluded from it in other not to fall a victims of all sort of things they re not supposed to do. if hostel students re given opportunity of the off camp students they misbehave because they re not used to it……quiz no (40)

  86. I agree with d aforementioned benefits of residing in Hostel. Indeed, d benefits cannot b overemphasized.

  87. umeh blessing chinelo

    it’s good thing living in the hostel,they have good facilities,(123)2015054106

  88. udekwe precious NNEKA (122)2015054133

    Am so proud to be a student of Coou cause our hostel is one in a million,

  89. Even before reading this I knew hostel life is more beneficial. But I don’t believe in hostel girls having privacy more than that off campus girls. But on a general perspective hostel is bae……..

  90. Indeed,living in the hostel is the best place for female students because of so many reasons especially in terms of security,electricity and water.I am to be in COOU CBN HOSTEL because is a best place to be
    Quiz no 120

  91. Anyika Onyinye. M.

    yes,i can agree with you that living in the school hostel is more secured….than off Campus this is because all the robbery activities or robbery experiences we experience in our different lodges are not for them and there is a whole lot of enjoyment in the… in the sense that, they are the ones that enjoys our school in terms of constant power and water supply,security,above all when ever the V.C wish to share free food for any seasonal celebration like Easter, fathering Sunday, they are still the ones benefiting from it. lol

  92. i don’t agree’ cause girls in the hostel is just as vulnerable as girls staying of campus. quiz number 7

  93. okoye Mmesoma Paschaline

    I disagree with no. 11 which says early marriage, where you live does not tell your identity ….hostel is good but in terms of indecency they are the most people that wear indecent clothes to school because they don’t pass through the gate and nobody checks on them, again I disagree with point no. 9, how can you have privacy when you have roommates who are there to monitor you like a monitoring spirit every minute of the day.

  94. Onuchukwu Chika Jennifer

    living in the hostel is good but in terms of indecent dressing they are graded A1 or anything more than A1…. again in terms spirituality 98% of them are initiated to many kingdoms

  95. yes…… students want the best for themselves Especially in terms of accommodation. the Hypothesis. com research group made a good research but students living off campus is always decent in the sense that they have full time on their own. it’s here in university, students learn how to manage and survive in any kind of environment good or bad, and meet different people and even get to many places but hostel girls never had the opportunity it is in off campus u see high moral and discipline students hard working they have all time to read why in hostel girls they use any opportunity they have to sink out of the campus to meet their male friends.and they always engage themselves in grosiping take what did not belong to them. it is only in hostel u see girls dressing any how they only no how to uprate their phone.
    the eleven (11) solid reasons why we should choose hostel than off campus, off campus Students benefits 100percent of it in every aspect both in unlimited privacy, spirituality, morality & decency,and even security and most of all well planned rooms in affordable price and off campus students have high rate of good communal relationship among themselves because male and female are fund
    name : Emenanjo Onyinyechi. m

  96. Hostel is good but I prefer off campus. Because u can have your privacy. Sometimes we that lives off cam. normally came to lectures before them. Some are very lazy when I say lazy I mean for Africa oo!

  97. True indeed especially number 3

  98. I agree with the fact that hostel girls are indecent in dressing as u guys say but atleast In the hostel premises.not girl’s that live off campus that walk around in the street am proud to be living in the hostel

  99. Muoneke Judith

    Hostel is an ideal place to stay but that does not stop some girls from doing all sort of immoral things……

  100. In terms of constant water supply,its false…Due to the fact that girls has to store water overnight,which causes skin reaction…..

  101. 2015054009,Quiz no.75

    All points r true except that of spirituality because it’s not all girls dat attend prayer meetings or go to church and secondly,early marriage.

  102. Agu Joseph Odira

    Well its a wonderful writeup but i don’t totally go with point 5 & 9 because you hardly get your privacy in the hostel and most students still dress indecently.

  103. It will not be an exaggeration to say that only a hostel is the place where an all-round development of personality is possible.
    Hostels also provide the best atmosphere for study

  104. It will not be an exaggeration to say that only a hostel is the place where an all-round development of personality is possible.
    Hostels also provide the best atmosphere for study

    Quiz no: 89

  105. I agree with the reasons stated.

    Life in the hostel is fun.

  106. Ejiofor kingsley

    I agree with u to keep female students though majority of them that stay there are very indecent and thereby spoil other innocent girls that have come to stay there with them. So in a 100% I will give hostel 30% because what is going on there I don’t understand.

  107. Chukwukadibia Adaobi

    Students living inside the school hostel is okay. I agree that securities guarding those in the hostel is tight. but I disagree with the fact that those living inside the hostel dress decently.50% of girls that wears skimpy clothes to school are from the hostel. .Secondly I disagree with the fact that girls that lives in the hostel gets married easily especially when the guy hears she spent her years in school living in the hostel, there is this saying that bad company corrupts good moral and since there are many characters in the hostel,so some of them can be easily decieved

  108. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi

    Early marriage is no where related to the reasons please….
    some men even get irritated when told you lived/live in the hostel because the thought of sharing toilet and other obnoxious activities done in the hostel is not to be heard of …
    group 2

  109. life in the hostel is fun but the issue of early marriage is far related to it… coming to decent dressing not all dress decently

  110. Life in the hostel is not bad because student are well secured

  111. ochonma Uchenna

    everything have an advantage and disadvantage tho

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