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10 Most Dangerous Sex Positions You Should be Careful with

Sex is a very common human activity but the ecstasy involved in this exercise often makes it difficult to notice that there are unbelievable accidents associated with it. For men out there, sex could even be more dangerous for you if caution is not taken. The most dangerous and common sex injury is fracturing or breaking the male organ. While trying out various positions in bed could look like fun, sometimes some of these positions can be a bit dangerous without the partner finding out until the accident occurs. Some sex therapists and experts have observed that there are sex positions that are most likely to cause mishaps and injuries to any of the partners involved in the act. The Decan Chronicle compiles a list of 10 of the most dangerous sex positions and this piece might interest you.

Doggy style: This is a very common sex position and looks like fun while having it from behind. You have to note that having a leg hoisted up during the position is not only physically taxing but is difficult for the penis to penetrate and causes discomfort or pain to the receiver. Though it sounds like fun, it seems not to be a good thing if passion is what you are looking for. Forget about how the movies make it look like fun. It might actually be a dangerous option.

Cowgirl: This is also called Girl on Top. It is the position where the woman is on top. One thing to note here is that if you are the woman on top, your pubic bone could spell disaster for an unsuspecting penis. In fact, a Brazilian study has found that this is one of the positions which is most likely to end up with someone being injured. It has also been described as the number one most dangerous sex position. This is also one of the most common sex positions but those involved need to be very careful. According to Flava, research says this position is responsible for 50 of all penis fractures because it is being “worked harder” in the position, putting it at a greater risk of danger. This is enough warning for those trying this out.

Missionary position: This is just like doggy-style, but here she is in control, dictating the speed and angle of his thrusting. However, studies show that the good-old missionary position can be quite dangerous as well. The man can get pretty carried away with the entire bent angle and before you know it, an accident has happened, involving serious damage to the penis. It is reported that 21 per cent of reported penile fractures happen while the man has been having sex in this position. Facts show that such accidents are caused by hitting the pelvic bone or accidentally bending the penis at an odd angle. This could be terribly painful.

Lap dance: This seems cool when watching it on television. Having sex while sitting on a chair is not a bad decision but caution must be taken to avoid penile fracture. It could also be dangerous to the woman as she could fall and crack her head open. For the man, all the movement could cause his penis to snap. This position can lead to dangerous mishaps.

Speed bump: This seems easy, woman lies down, woman gets on top of her from behind and starts thrusting to all his glory, but it is the position for the woman who wants to get crushed under the weight of her partner. Summary is that the safety of this position is dependent on the weight of the man.

Randy raft: This might be a rare position but people still do it. You get in a pool. Get on a floating raft, dangle from it while your partner has sex from behind. It causes sunburn and is not the position for you until and unless you are a gymnast who can hold the position and can swim.

Sixty nine: Though this is one of the most popular styles that people can think of, studies have shown that it could result in pink eye. According a study published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS, researchers found that nine percent of people studied were infected with chlamydial conjunctivitis after their partner ejaculated into their eye. You need to choose a position that will leave you healthy afterwards.

Wheelbarrow: This sounds like a strange position but people still see it as fun. You may be the world’s strongest person, but it might be difficult to endure for a long time as you stand on your two hands while your partner does you from behind. You cannot hold yourself up for that long while also having sex. That is just too much effort. You also hope your partner doesn’t drop you in the process of doing the wheelbarrow. The effect might be terrible.

Butter churner: This is another strange position. Here’s what it looks like; one partner is almost standing on her head, while the thrusts in and out from a perpendicular position. Apparently it is a great position because it sends an extra rush of blood to the head and increases the ecstasy of the person on the receiving end. But here is the catch, it can also put unnecessary stress on the neck and the person may pull a muscle. You might have to be careful while choosing this position.

Passion propeller: Some people go to the extent of turning around while on top of their partner just to have fun. Passion propeller literally means you spin around 360 degrees while inside your partner. It might result in a few kicks in the face and that is not how penises work. This position can also result in pulled muscles. This might require a lot of caution to avoid accidents.

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