10 Hot Facts About Lauretta Onochie You May Not Know

Lauretta Onochie is a popular name in Nigeria today based on her position as the Personal Assistant to the President on Social Media. She first got that appointment in 2016. She is seen largely as controversial due to her tweets attacking those who attack the presidency and government policies. She is very visible on social media ready to defend the federal government against the slightest attack by social media users. Onochie’s hard-hitting stance on social media especially against critics of her boss, President Muhammadu Buhari, gives her the image of a cyber iron lady who cannot be shoved aside for any reason. Well, that might be true but there are other things you might not know about this media personality that may stun you. Here’s a list of top ten facts you may not have known about Lauretta Onochie that may interest you.

10 Facts About Lauretta Onochie You May Not Know

1. She hails from Anioma, Delta State, Nigeria.

2. She is also a trained pastor.

3. She attended a Bible college in Calabar.

4. She is a grandmother.

5. She is also a child behaviour deficiency correctional expert.

6. She is a single mum who had been married only once.

7. She left a lecturing job in the United Kingdom to join President Buhari’s government.

8. She is the first female Personal Assistant to a Nigerian President on Social Media.

9.  She loves playing online games and reading books.

10. She loves having ‘a glass’ of palm wine in a day especially whenever she is in her village, Anioma (though how many times in a day she loves having ‘a glass’ of palm wine is not confirmed).

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