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10 compulsory questions you’ll always see in history of Nigerian mass media exam

History of the Nigerian mass media is a compulsory course offered in all departments of mass communication in Nigerian higher institutions. Even with the unbundling of mass communication in seven new degree programmes, the new Faculty of Communication and Media Studies has some compulsory courses to be done as faculty-wide courses and one of them is History of the Nigerian Media. So students will always sit for this exam at 100 level.

There are questions that always appear in this exam framed in different ways but having the same central idea. Such questions are referred to here as compulsory questions you’ll always find in history of the Nigerian mass media exam. Not that all the 10 questions treated here will appear in one exam as compulsory questions. What we mean here is that you always come across these questions in the history of the Nigeria mass media exam. We have provided answers to these questions in this lecture. But we divided this lecture into different parts to accommodate meaningful discussion of each question. The video below contains part one of our presentation on these 10 compulsory questions. We believe the content will be of great assistance to you.

Compulsory question number ONE

The newspaper, radio and television contributed immensely to the political, economic, social, religious and cultural development of Nigeria. Give a detailed explanation of these contributions in the several areas while providing detailed discussions in the area of politics.

This is one question that comes out in almost every exam on the history of the Nigerian mass media. It usually comes out in different ways but requiring the same answer. You need to understand how to easily respond to this question using the tricks we presented in the video below.

Compulsory question number TWO

Iweh Irohin, Anglo African, The Lagos Times and Gold Coast Advertiser, and The Weekly Record were early newspapers that blazed the trail for the Nigerian press. How did these newspapers begin, when were they established, who owned them, what did they contain, how did they cease to exist and what contributions did they make?

You will always find this question coming in different ways. Checkout this video to see the different dimensions of this question and how to respond to it.


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