10 Best TV stations in Nigeria

In this era where most local audience in African countries are glued to foreign programmes on satellite television, local stations hardly find space among viewers limited time of exposure to television. Well, this is not always the case. There are local stations that provide quality programming that seriously competes with foreign television stations for local viewers. In Nigeria, there are stations that have taken time to improve on quality programming in order to excite the audience. This interesting analysis by infoguidenigeria.com provides insight on 10 best television stations in Nigeria. If you disagree with some of the additions or feel that some stations were omitted, you can point that out at the end. But you will surely find this article interesting. Read it!


10 Best TV stations in Nigeria

These are some of the 10 best TV stations in Nigeria in which you are sure of getting something worthwhile – whether educational or entertaining. Sometimes, you even get both educational and entertaining programmes on them, which include:

1. Channels TV

Channels TV is list as number one best TV station in Nigeria. It is a broadcast station that focuses mainly on news, from time to time. It features a program, amidst all programmes called ‘Politics Today’ which is usually handled by an outspoken anchor who can ask the important and popular personalities invited to the platform questions as they discuss the trending issues in the country. Sometimes, these questions are sarcastic as they tend to confront the main issues affecting the country. It can help keep busy a hungry man while the food is on the fire. It also airs every Saturday evening a program called Arts House by 7pm.

This programme promotes art and culture in a creative manner. Groups and individuals are usually invited to exhibit their artistic talents in programme is for you.

2. TVC News

The Continental Television is a 24-hour Nigerian-centric news channel. It also broadcasts foreign news and also reports such news properly and accurately. This has made it obvious that the TVC News has acquired new technology for global reach. It can also be called ‘Nigerian CNN’. It’s really one of the best TV stations in Nigeria.

It is also a current affairs and documentary channel. Like its slogan, it sees through the African Eye. It is a perfect station if you want to know what happens in the whole world. It also features different programmes where certain controversial and trending issues are discussed at length and where ideas that would make the nation move forward are shared.

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After watching The Big Issue show and the Sunday Interview show, among all other interesting shows on The Continental Television, one can never but gain one or two ideas that would make Nigeria move forward.

3. African Independent Television (AIT)

It is the second largest commercial television network in Nigeria. Its programmes include; local news, international news, sport news, tourism shows, culture displays, entertainment shows, fashion shows, and also features certain video series that are both educational and entertaining.

It even features cartoon shows that could keep our children busy which would help to stimulate their imagination and also provide some other benefits while we do some other things. In other words, parents and children benefit from AIT cartoon programmes.

AIT satisfies two categories of people: those who find any form of news boring and those who love to listen to news featuring movies at a specific time and also by broadcasting news at another specific time. AIT is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria.

4. NTA News (Nigeria Television Authority)

It is the African’s largest TV Network. It focuses mainly on news whether local, international, or sports news. The popular Network News shows every 9pm and the news casters have shown great improvement over the years.

They also feature other programmes that also talk about the culture of other ethnic groups and also about national issues. Apart from this, they also host entertaining programmes like the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire show, the Village Headmaster series, Superstory series and host of others. NTA has branches all over the country, hereby making it easy for the common man to gain access to the trending issues in the country.

5. Galaxy TV

Galaxy TV is one of the best TV stations in Nigeria. Its programmes range from sports to entertainment to local news to foreign news and movies. They have a programme called Editors Forum which creates an avenue for journalists/editors to discuss trending national issues, set agenda for public discourse and for the government.

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6. Wazobia TV

It is a Family Entertainment Television. Wazobia TV is one of those channels that an average Nigerian family can relate to. It describes the business of the Nigerian man in a funny way and helps to reverse the stress of the Nigerian man in such a way that his troubles are depicted in a funny way that he laughs off the stress.

The Night show on Wazobia TV is a comical show that addresses national issues from a humorous perspective. It also operates in the pidgin language which makes the channel more unique in its operations. Do you have a hypertensive patient in your house? Tune in to Wazobia TV all the time, and let the best medicine which is laughter do its work.

7. Silverbird (STV)

This is also an indigenous TV channel which features local news, international news, sports news, entertainment news, music, videos, and other programs that border on everyday living. Apart from this, Silverbird usually airs beauty pageantry shows like the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria show and award nights.

Silverbird is filled with variety, and tends to combine every aspect of life in their programmes. It also airs certain religious shows like sermons from Pastors and Alfas and also displays gospel music videos.

Silverbird combines both the serious and playful programmes – it airs local news and discussions on national issues and at the same time, it features comic shows anchored by various comedians.


W.A.P is an acronym for Wale Adenuga Productions- the founder of the channel and the producer of the Super story series. The series is usually known for quality, educative and suspense filled stories.

The WAP TV is known for its production- Super story, This Life, Nnenna & friends, Papa Ajasco and company and host of others. The stories border on issues in the society and family life and do not fail to teach great lessons out of it.

Nnenna & friends is an educative program for our kids which can help them develop intellectually. Apart from the series and productions by Wale Adenuga, the station also displays other Nigerian movies, be it Yoruba movies or Nollywood movies which are always very interesting.

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9. Africa Magic

This is a popular movie station known for showing movies by popular actors and actresses. This is one of the most watched TV station. It helps to promote Nollywood and Africa to a large extent.

Large companies and government centres usually tune in to Africa Magic to entertain their clients or patients (in hospitals), especially when they are in the waiting room.

This is a good tactic employed by such large companies and government centres because the period of waiting is always a very difficult one, but Africa Magic has turned such waiting periods to enjoyable moments.

Gone are the days when hospitals and government centres would be a long, boring moment before one will be attended to. One can even spend hours waiting and it would only seem that one waited for five minutes.

10. Soundcity

This is a music TV network, they play popular and trending playlists, and they also do the top 10 songs for the week or play songs from the most popular artists, which could be local or foreign.

Soundcity helps to promote Nigeria songwriters, and also keeps track on how their songs becomes internationally accepted and known. It also tracks down the progress of musicians as they become internationally recognized.

With Soundcity, you can paint your room red or any colour you prefer. With Soundcity, there is no bored moment. With Soundcity, it is always party time. You do not have to patronise club houses before you can have a good time.


Are you interested in what is going on in your country? Tune in to any of these stations and get the latest news reports. Do you have genuine concern for your country? Try out those stations that discuss national and trending issues. Do you know how to have a good time? We have enough of that on these Nigerian TV stations. These 10 best TV stations in Nigeria are a blend of varieties that would keep you awake even by midnight. Enjoy!!!



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