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10 Best Apps You Can Easily Use To Create 3D Animation Videos

Animation video making is an exciting and very lucrative area in the entertainment industry. What many do not know is that it takes a lot of time and highly technical skills to produce one animation video. The animation industry is a competitive area but with the right information and skills you can excel without much challenge. What you need is to develop your technical skill set, build your network, and by doing this you create opportunities for yourself. You can also look for a short-cut to making animation videos which is through already developed Apps for creating animation.

One way to get started with your animation video is to get apps that you can use to create animation for your videos. There are apps which are most suitable for making 3D Animation in your android smartphone. These apps make it easy for you to achieve your dream of becoming an animator without much stress. With these apps you can even create short animation videos for diverse purposes, including short stories, advertising and other promotional goals. Even if you do not have good drawing skills and you are entirely new to 3D animation, there are apps that will help you get started.

This interesting article contains thoroughly researched information on the best 3D Animation Apps for android which you can use to create very captivating 3D Cartoon Animation in your android Phone. This article which was first packaged and posted on Tech Mate is something you should read to the end.


1. Plotagon

This is one of the best 3D animation Apps for android you’ll ever come across. Plotagon is an app you can use to create your own actors and cartoons, write a story and press to play that. It is a user-friendly app. Plotagon is a free animation app that makes your stories come to life. It helps you to bring your imagination to reality. You can use this app to express yourself with an animated movie and share it with the world. Go ahead and try plotagon to see how great it feels to make 3D animation movies by yourself.

Features of Plotagon (3D Animation App)

Plotagon offers the following interesting features:

You can make your own animated videos;

You can create yourself as a character, create a celebrity or your friends to act in your movie;

You can record your own voice, or add sound effects and music;

You can also share your story on YouTube and other social media apps.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Plotagon

Downloads: 500,000+

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (9224 reviews)

Download Size: 100 MB



2. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is another very popular animation app for android. With Toontastic you can draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoons. It’s also easy to use. Just move your characters around onscreen, tell your story, and Toontastic records your voice and animations and stores it on your device as a 3D video. Toontastic is a powerful and playful way to create interstellar adventures, breaking news reports, video game designs, family photo albums, or anything else you might imagine. You can get your dream animation story to come alive using Toontastic 3D app.

Features of Toontastic 3D 

Toontastic 3D animation app offers users the following features;

You can design your own characters with 3D drawing tools;

You can add yourself to your adventures with photos and custom colored characters;

You can mix your soundtrack with dozens of built-in songs;

You can choose from three Story Arcs for digital storytelling (Short Story, Classic, & Science Report);

You can also export videos to your Photos library to share with family and friends;

There’s also an idea lab chock full of playful stories, characters and settings to inspire new adventures.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Google

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (26,102 reviews)

Download Size: 31 MB


3. Anim8 (3D Animation App)

With Anim8, beginners can learn 3D Character Animation in a fun and intuitive manner. You can animate 3D characters by posing 5 existing characters in 3D space with a simple interface and easy workflow, unlike complex and high-end softwares such as Maya or 3DS Max. Anim8 is designed by professional character animators to give absolute beginners and hobbyists a plug-n-play tool to animate characters and hone their animation skills.

Features of Anim8

Anim8 offers you the following interesting features;

It offers an easy learning curve with which a user can start animating in minutes.

It offers advanced articulation in all rigs which lets animators create full body animation with ease.

It has drawing tool that lets you sketch out your key poses on the screen.

It offers onion skin feature that allows you to plan out poses and timing precisely.

You can share and upload all your videos online; Facebook, YouTube and Twitter support is included.

It has diverse characters which include Bipeds, Dino and Quadraped with over 30 points of articulation.

You can import sound to bring your animations to life.

There are lesson plans on the website and demo animations bundled in the app which give teachers great course content.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Appy monkeys software private limited

Downloads: 100,000+

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (26,102 reviews)

Download Size: 36 MB



4. Animate it (3D Animation App)

Animate it is another popular app you can use for animation sketches and poses of manikin on your tablet or smartphone at any free minute. It has a simplified figure of man which has the necessary minimum for quick posing. It also offers simplified controls for convenience. By finger touch on free area you twist camera, by touch and drag you move body or its parts. Standart zoom and translate view by two fingers. This App is useful for professional animators and students, game developers, storyboard artists and for all fans of animation. If you’re interested in play sports or dance, this app is also for you. With it, you’ll better explore and understand the right movement.

Features of Animate it 

Animate it 3D Animation App offers the following to users;

It offers animation clips for creating and editing (up to 32 key frames in each clip, up to 20 files);

Each animation clip can be played on the spot or edited path. For each clip is set up number of cycles and the amount automatically added in between frames for smoothness and speed of playback

Poses copy, paste, mirroring and reset;

“Ghost” of the previous and next frame enable

Character selection;

There’s a feature for skins selection for any characters;

You can add user skins (up to 10 png images);

There’s a feature for props selection;

It has a feature for lands (buildings) creation and editing of the cubes.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: TBC Groups

Downloads: 5,000,000+

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (116,692 reviews)

Download Size: Varies with devices


5. Make Joke of Creator (3D Animation App)

Make Joke of Creator is a 3D animation app that provides a platform for you to create videos like one of the famous YouTube animated funny video Make joke of Creator (MJOC). You can add character & location and create videos and upload on Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more. You can add character and customize by yourself. And can choose a location from given in the app.

Features of MJOC

This app offers the following features you would like to try out;

You can add character;

You can add location;

You can customize character;

With this app you can record video;

You can also change character mood (Happy, Angry and Normal);

There’s a feature with which you can watch recorded video;

You can also share on social apps.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Stenson

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (14,942 reviews)

Download Size: 23 MB



6. Make Joke of Creator 2 (3D Animation App)

This version of the app has improved and more interesting features. You can choose the environments as per your interest and add characters to an environment then record your story in the easiest way. With this app you can create your own story, add your friends and make a video in cartoonist way with the help of this app.

Features of MJOC2

Make Joke of Creator 2 offers the following features;

You can choose and customize character;

You can add and change hair style and color;

You can add and change mustache style and color;

You can add and change beard style and color;

Add and change top cloth style and color;

Add and change pant style and color;

Add assets (watch, chain, hat etc.);

You can change body color;

You can create baby or child character;

You can change voice style (male, female, child etc.)

You can also add animation (Dance, Yes, No etc).

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: TBC Groups

Downloads: 500,000+

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (3,886 reviews)

Download Size: 33 MB



7. AnimMan  (3D Animation App)

AnimMan is another very good 3D Animation App for professional animators, students, game developers, storyboard artists and for all fans of animation. It has very simple features you can easily use. You can touch the desired part of the body and drag it. You can also touch and drag by one finger outside of character to twist the camera. By two fingers you zoom and drag camera. It is a user-friendly App.

Features of AnimMan

With AnimMan, users canplay with the following features;

You can add/remove and multiply frames with automatic interpolation (up to 16 frames);

It has automatic inverse kinematics;

It has “ghost” of the previous and next frame switching-on;

It has copy, paste, reset and mirroring poses;

It has prop parenting to any part of the body (for example to pull the sword out of the imaginary scabbard);

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Stenson

Downloads: 1000+

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 (48 reviews)

Download Size: Varies with Devices


8. Draw Cartoons 2 (3D Animation App)

Draw Cartoons 2 is one of the most exciting and fun ways to express yourself through art. This App makes the complicated process of producing cartoons an easy task. It takes care of every aspect of creating cartoons, from drawing characters to publishing. This is one App you should try out.

Features of Draw Cartoons 2 (3D Animation App)

Draw Cartoon 2 offers the following interesting features;

You can build smooth animations by keyframes;

There is an embedded library of characters and items;

It has character constructor with which you can create items from scratch or using templates;

You can add voice over cartoons or add music;

You can export and video files (mp4 format) and sharing them;

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Draw Cartoons Ltd

Downloads: 10,000,000+

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (2,58,276 reviews)

Download Size: 74 MB



9. Animate Me (3D Animation App)

Animate Me 3D Animation App offers features with which kids can learn to make 3D animations that showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities. Animations can then be uploaded on YouTube to share with friends and family. This is another user-friendly App you can use to start your animation videos.

Features of Animate Me ( 3D Animation App)

Animate Me 3D animation app offers the following features;

It has pre-built 3D cartoon characters which lets kids quickly and effortlessly learn the basics of 3D animation.

You can make 3D cartoons walk, run, jump and talk with simple controls and an intuitive workflow.

This app is an excellent way for kids to learn animation.

It contains video tutorials such as walking, talking and acting to teach the fundamentals of animation.

It has been tested extensively with dozens of kids and parents.

You can share your animations on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter through our Everyplay feature

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Draw Cartoons Ltd

Downloads: 100,000+

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (2,596 reviews)

Download Size: 35 MB


10. Jerky (3D Animation App)

Jerky Motion provides you with an easy opportunity to make your first move in creating animation videos. With this app you can learn how time and space work together to create motion and see what you can create with our characters (Or just have fun and animate some weird stuff LOL). You can use this app to spice up your animation with music or audio recordings and add some video effects like color grading, lens flares and motion blur and you’ll have your blockbuster movie in no time.

Other Details

Status: Free (Include in-app purchases)

Offered By: Andy Front

Downloads: 100,000+
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (4,156 reviews)

Download Size: 72 MB




You now have an idea of how to begin your first journey into the world of animation. With these apps you do not have to experience the rigors of passing through any 3D animation training process because they offer user-friendly features you can use to create your 3D animation videos. You can get started now.

(Original article first published on Tech Mate)

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