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Television and Social Behaviour

Television and Social Behaviour Social behaviour is a term used to describe the general conduct exhibited by individuals within a society. It is essentially in response to what is deemed acceptable by a person’s peer group or involves avoiding behaviour that is characterized as unacceptable. This type of human behaviour primarily determines how individuals interact […]

Cultivation Theory

Cultivation Theory The theory was propounded by George Gerbner, L. Gross, M. Morgan, N. Signorielli in 1976. It talks about how the mass media gradually cultivate message in audience mind and consciousness. According to Aneto, Onabanjo and Osifes (2008:71) the basic assumption of the theory include: Cultivation analysis basically means that heavy Tv viewers will […]

What Is Film Criticism?

Film criticism is the evaluation of a film using different elements of film-making. It is the analysis of a movie using such elements a plot, setting, soundtrack, cinematography, mood, costumes, makeup, editing, characterization, among others. The critique does a critical examination of a film after watching it with a view to revealing the strengths and […]

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