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Environmental Communication: Outdoor Quiz

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Environmental communication consists of all forms of communication which keep the public enlightened about and aware of environmental issues and trends. It is the use of communication strategies to preserve, protect, and promote the environment of man, for man, through man. Man’s environment consists of all that are external to him, including his interactional relationship with them. This means that man is constantly interacting with the environment and this interactional relationship could lead to environmental problems.

This brings us to today’s lecture on culture and environment. Culture is the totality of values, lifestyle and belief system of a people. Culture shapes the uniqueness of a people’s way of life. Some cultural practices lead to man-made environmental problems – land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, or noise pollution.

But we can’t tell people to stop their festivals or such cultural practices they cherish which cause pollution of any sort. It is our duty to identify the environmental problems that a specific cultural activity causes and design a convincing means of letting the people involved know how to address the problems associated with that practice.

Watch this very short video below and answer the questions that follow;


This video shows a seriously cherished practice among Voodoo followers in the tiny West African country, Benin Republic. Don’t forget that religion is an aspect of culture. Certain people are known for specific religious practices which is a part of their life style. In Benin Republic, Voodoo is a religious practice identified with their culture.

So as an environmental communicator what will you do in such a situation where it is glaring that a specific practice could cause environmental problem?


1. Define culture in one sentence using your own words.

2. What is the relationship between culture and environment? State in not more than two sentences.

3. Identify the specific environmental problems the Voodoo ceremony in that video you watched is causing (land, water, air, or noise pollution – which ones?). Any one you mention you should tell us how it is causing it.

(Warning: Please Be careful with your answer because this is Voodoo we are talking about here; so that they will not come after you spiritually from Cotonou ooo!!!!)



Your response MUST come in before 6.30pm on Tuesday so I can look at it and post before 7pm.

Post your answer as a reply to this post. Two similar answers will not be graded and I won’t post them. Only those who participated in this quiz will do the group practical work in class when we meet for the next lecture.

Don’t just try to be wise, you can’t beat us in this game.


The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU, (formerly Anambra State University), Igbariam Campus.


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  1. 1) culture is the entirety of people’s way of life.
    2) There wouldn’t be any culture if there is no environment to practice it.
    3) The environmental problem the voodoo ceremony caused was noise pollution that came from the sound emitted from the various local musical instruments used for the ceremony.

  2. okonkwo Mary ogechukwu

    1.culture is the belief acquired by man as a member of the society.
    2.the relationship between culture and environment are:
    A. Culture communicates with the environment.
    B. societal life tells about the environment.
    3. Noise pollution is seen in the beaten of the drums at high level volume which on the life of the little boy dancing can affect his hearing in future to come and disturbing the neighborhood as well
    B. Land pollution splitting the remains of the dead goats litters the environment and causing air pollution

  3. 1. culture is the wholeness of peoples way of life
    2. The environment provides the platform for people to practice their way of life.
    3.The musical instruments played during the ceremony constituted noise pollution which can cause headache and other ailments..

  4. osaluwe ndidi vivian

    culture is a peoples way of life. The relationship between culture and environment is that culture depends on culture while environment needs culture to thrive because without culture environments is meaningless. Noise pollution because the drums are beaten on the high volumes there by obstructing and disturbing the peace of the environment.

  5. Nwabueze Gloria A. Reg No. 2O15/P/005/012 (1) Culture can be define as peoples way of living their lives within themselves. (2) the relationship between culture and enviornment is that people lives their life in an environmet, they perform all theur activities inside the environment. (3) the specific environmental problems tthe Voodoo ceremony caused are Land, air pollution, noise pollution. Reasons — those people walded around on the ground cerebrating their culture. Ii, as they are walking, they making noise with their drum beat which can lead ear promble. Iii, they pollute air as a result of group parading with an environment, litters of waste product will be seen as fas as ceremony was goin on.

  6. charity madu ozioma

    Madu Charity Ozioma, 2015/p/05/014

    1.Culture is the ideas, customs and behaviours of a particular society.

    Culture depends on the environment to function and without culture environment will be meaningless.

    The environmental problems the Voodoo ceremony.
    1. Air pollution because of the remains of the slaughtered animals when rotten can cause a serious health issues and dust raised by the dancers can cause catarrh and cough.

    1b. Noise pollution because of the level of noise coming from the drums and other musical instruments which cause hearing problems and headhace for those around the area especially the dancers and the drummers.

  7. Okafor Godwin uchenna

    1) culture is the totality of peoples way of life. 2a) there is no culture without environment. 2b) Environment provides the enabling ground for culture. 3) noise pollution is the major pollution being cause here because of the beating of drums by the voodoo which might be harmful to people

  8. Culture is the fullness of the way people live their life

    The environment determines the kind of life people life because you cannot seperate man from his environment.

    The enviromental problem created by the voodoo ceremony was noise pollution arising from the sounds of the musical instrument played at the ceremoney, such an environment can cause partial or permanent deafness.

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