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Top 10 Gay Radio Stations In The World

Radio stations impact the society through programming that touches on listeners’ value system, perceptions and life style. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community across the world also constitute radio audience with specific stations primarily providing programmes themed around the community. Radio stations focusing on LGBT community are springing up across the world with […]

‘Church’ Leader Arrested After Holding Followers Hostage, Forces Them To Violently Beat One Another To Escape God’s Wrath, Son Flogs Father 100 Lashes In God’s Name

Senior Pastor and Founder of, Grace Road Church, Shin Ok-ju, is currently in police net after forcing followers to engage in violent rituals under threat of God’s punishment. What this cult leader of Grace Road Church did is akin to what San Francisco cult leader, Jim Jones did in 1978, taking his ‘church’ members to […]

Innovative! Secondary School Orders Students To Wear White Dress and Bathroom Slippers To Exam Hall To Prevent Malpractice

You may be wondering what wearing white dress and white bathroom slippers has to do with examination malpractice. But that is because you have not read this piece. A student provides this personal experience article of how her school successfully fought exam malpractice by instructing students to always wear white clothes and white bathroom slippers […]

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