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Media Uses and Gratifications: Some Features of the Approach: Jay G. Blumler Versus Denis McQuail (Video)

Media Uses and Gratifications: Some Features of the Approach Denis Mcquail and Jay G. Blumler are legendary names associated with foundational thoughts in the field of Mass Communication. In a seminar organised Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, the two scholars found themselves exchanging classic views and thoughts on the relevance Uses and Gratifications Approach […]

Reflections on Paradigm Change in Communication Theory and Research. By Denis McQuail

Reflections on Paradigm Change in Communication Theory and Research By DENIS MCQUAIL University of Amsterdam Introduction The notion of “paradigm change” is open to discussion, lacking a precise formal definition. We can make do with a provisional and somewhat elastic view, seeing it as a fundamental change in the way of thinking about a phenomenon, […]

Ethnographic Journalism

Ethnographic Journalism By Janet Cramer & Michael McDevitt Ethnographic Journalism Ethnography is primarily concerned with uncovering meanings – in particular, the meanings inherent to a particular group and its practices. The ethnographer accomplishes this awareness through a process of immersion into the life, routines, and rituals of the social setting under study. We will describe […]

Immersive journalism: The future of reporting or an ethical minefield?

Evolving communication technology continues to redefine the practice of news gathering and dissemination. As communication technology continues to evolve, journalism has been taken to a new high with the emergence of the concept of Immersive Journalism. The may sound strange to a lot of Nigerians but this practice is gradually being recognised in the Western […]

Advertising Study! Encouraging Niche Content in an Ad-Driven World

Advertising environment is a highly competitive arena. Various media platforms compete for advertisers’ attention and in the process, strive to generate content that increases audience base. A study by Feng Zhu and Monic Sun explored how advertising drives bloggers to shift their writing to subjects that will grab more eyeballs such as the stock market, […]

Women in PR! Tips for a Young Woman to be Successful in Public Relations

Women are growing stronger by the day in the field of public relations. But success in this terrain requires skills which only those with quick insight can achieve. In this interesting article, Radhika Nandwani, an experienced public relations executive provides informative guide on how a young woman aspiring to excel in public relations practice can […]

Tweeters Criticize CNN Over ‘Propaganda’ Piece On Kim Jong Un’s Sister

CNN is facing a backlash over an article about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, which critics claim paints her family’s repressive regime in a positive light. The piece, published on Saturday, is headlined: “Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics.” The article does note that Kim Jong Un “has ruled with an iron […]

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