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Nigeria, Ghana Women Top Abortion Pills Search List Online – Google Data Shows

Despite restrictive legal guidelines against abortion in Nigeria and Ghana, google data shows that women in these countries are topping the list of those searching for abortion pills online. This is apparently an attempt to go around the restrictive legal environment against abortion in these countries which has increased curiosity for alternative but legally safe […]

Top 10 Departmental Wears In Nigerian Mass Communication Schools

Some higher institutions in Nigeria impose dress code as a way of curbing indecent dressing in higher institutions, though one could argue that dress codes have done little in this direction. The dress codes are also called departmental wears. The wears are used for identification and symbolic communication. Most Mass Communication departments in Nigerian Universities […]

Woman Get’s Vicious Threats, Accused of Animal Cruelty For Making Life-Like Cake Designs! If You Love Baking Cakes You Must Watch This Video

If you want to explore the extra-ordinary level in cake making you should watch this video of how a woman makes impressive animal-like cake designs that have brought vicious threats on her instead of praises. Hannah Edwards has been left unnerved by some of the comments that have been thrown at her because of her […]

Throwback! Unforgettable Confession Of A Mortuary Attendant Who Says He Sleeps With Dead Bodies Everytime (Watch VIDEO)

If you missed this video you have the opportunity of watching it now. It has started trending again. This may be the most bizarre video you’ll be watching for a while. A Cameroonian mortuary attendant working in a teaching hospital in Ghana confessed on national TV that he sleeps with dead bodies everytime. He says […]

Fresh Study Reveals Sugar Consumption May Improve Memory Of Persons Older Than 60, Makes Them Feel Happy While Working

A new study conducted at University of Warwick has revealed that sugar consumption by persons older than 60 may improve their memory. The study suggests that sugar consumption by older adults could motivate them to perform difficult tasks at full capacity. The study which was Led by PhD student Konstantinos Mantantzis, Professor Elizabeth Maylor and […]

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