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Outrage As Russian Priest Violently Baptizes Two-Year-Old Girl (Watch Disturbing Video)

A Russian priest now being described as ‘evil priest’ or ‘devil priest’ is currently buzzing the internet after viral video shows him violently dipping a two-year-old’s head into water. The disturbing video shows the Russian orthodox priest violently dunking the head of the two-year-old girl underwater while baptising her in Yessentuki, South West Russia. The […]

Lind Ikeji Apologizes for Having A Child Out of Wedlock! Read Her Post On Why She Slept With Sholaye Jeremi, Her baby daddy

Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy story is currently buzzing the internet. Linda herself wrote a lengthy epistle, revealing that Sholaye Jeremi is the father of her child. The interesting part of the post is how she wrote in details, her relationship with Sholaye, how he impregnated her, and how that relationship chapter of her life is […]

Wealthy Business Man Madly In Love With Gold Jewelry Wears 13KG Of It Worth N198 Million Wherever He Goes, But With Five Bodyguards

How far can you go just to express your love for your obsession? Checkout what a man did to express his obsession with gold. A Vietnamese business man is currently an internet sensation after videos of him wearing a total of 13kg of gold jewelry went viral on social media. The 36-year-old businessman has been […]

Educational Broadcasting Relevance In Agricultural Development in Nigeria

 Educational Broadcasting Relevance In Agricultural Development in Nigeria        Introduction The Nigerian economy was predominantly agro-based in the 50s and 60s. The bulk of the nation’s foreign earnings was from agricultural sector. Even shortly after the discovery of oil, agriculture still dominated the nation’s economy with crude oil contributing only 40% to the GDP […]

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