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Do You Know That Chewing Stick Contains Fluoride? See Amazing Chemical Constituents Of Miswak

Chewing sticks are popular components of the oral hygiene story in Africa. Studies have even suggested that chewing sticks, also called miswaks, are better than toothbrushes in keeping the teeth clean and ensuring oral hygiene. Well, no matter your opinion on this, the fact is that chewing stick is popular among Africans and it has […]

See How FG Plans To Make N-Power Beneficiaries Big-time Entrepreneurs

The Federal government has concluded plans to make N-Power beneficiaries successful entrepreneurs so they can earn sustainable income. This is in addition to extending payment of benefits to the first 200,000 beneficiaries whose participation would have ended this December. They will continue to be paid beyond December. The N-Power 2016 Batch 1 beneficiaries will be […]

Bill Gates Uses Human Faeces In Cup As Prop To Introduce Toilet Of The Future Which Won’t Need Water Or Sewers

The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, stunned his audience the Reinvented Toilet Expo as he used poop in a cup to demonstrate what future toilets. He introduced the need to commercialize futuristic toilets that don’t need water or sewers. “Today, rich countries have a sewage system where you bring water in, put the human waste in […]

Japanese Man Marries Hologram Of Female Cartoon Character He Loves, Spends N6 Million On Wedding, Family Members Refuse To Attend

A 35-year-old man has stunned his family by getting married to a doll that looks like a a virtual reality pop star named Hatsune Miku he adores. But his mother and entire family members abandoned the wedding for him. They did not show up at all. Akihiko Kondo reportedly fell in love with the doll […]

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