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How Foreign Aid Fuels Brown Envelope Syndrome Among African Journalists! Shocking Revelation

Corruption in the media in Africa is a disturbing trend affecting credibility of journalism practice in the continent. One major form of corruption in the media is Brown Envelope syndrome which is the practice of accepting gratifications from news sources to write stories or cover media events. This practice is described as a cancer eroding […]

2018 Was Deadliest Year For Journalists In Recent Times, More Reprisal Murders Recorded

The issue of safety in journalism practice has remained a source of worry, especially with this upsurge in the killing of journalists in the line of duty. This frightening report reveals how more journalists were murdered in 2018 than were killed in war. This includes several reports of incarceration and harassment of reporters across the […]

Male Journalists Sacked For Allegedly Operating ‘Pornography Support Club’ On Facebook Which They Used In Bullying Women

A wave of mass sack of male journalists accused of bullying women online, including female journalists, is taking place in France. The male journalists were said to have operated a secret facebook group described as a macho online ‘boys’ club’ which they used to reportedly harass female and minority ethnic journalists for years. Several prominent French […]

10 Discouraging Facts You Shouldn’t Know About Journalism Practice In Nigeria

Mass communication is an exciting profession with various branches, one of which is journalism. Be it print, broadcast or online journalism, this branch of the profession is regarded as rugged, intriguing and tasking. Studies have shown that women dominate journalism schools while men dominate the newsrooms. Despite this skewed gender representation in journalism practice, students […]

Top 15 Film Production Studios In Nigeria

The film production industry in Nigeria is impressively competing with others across the world. Nollywood which is the third largest film industry in the world (after Hollywood and Bollywood) is benefiting immensely from the good quality film production studios scattered across the country. These studios offer both real life and animation production services, some also […]

Akede Eko! Vibrant Yoruba Language Newspaper In Histroy

The Akede Eko newspaper was founded in 1927 by Isaac Babalola Thomas who also doubled as editor of the newspaper. The Akede Eko Newspaper (which means Lagos Herald) was a bilingual Yoruba- English newspaper that made impact in Nigeria’s media landscape in the late 1920s, according to The newspaper was sold for three pence. Its pages consisted mainly of […]

List of Top Most Vibrant Yoruba Language Newspapers In Nigeria

Yoruba language newspapers are among leading local language newspapers in Nigeria. They constitute a major pillar in the development of newspapers in Nigeria. The first Nigerian newspaper was a Yoruba language newspaper, Iwe Irohin, which was also the first indigenous language newspaper in Africa. It was established in 1859. The media landscape of Nigeria has a […]

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